10 Must Have Items for Your Ultimate Man Cave

10 Must Have Items for Your Ultimate Man Cave


Listen up: Your quest for the ultimate man cave deserves more respect than it gets every time you bring up the subject. Time to stand up and man up—and don’t let anyone say “You want to create what?” deter you from your objective. The hardest part of your journey to the ultimate man cave will be locating and claiming the area for your own… this is where your shed or workshop comes in if you cannot steal a room in the house.

A shed or workshop can provide you the basis for the perfect ‘Man Cave’, away from the home, totally your own space, and can be much bigger than a room.

Next, comes the fun part: Filling your cave with everything you require to hibernate there in style. Here is the list of the top 10 must-have items to build yourself the ultimate man cave!

10 Must-Have Items Required for the
Ultimate Man Cave

Man Cave - sofa1. Choose an easy chair. No flower patterns or chintzy florals allowed in the man cave. You need a big, cushy, foot-elevating man chair upholstered in a fabric that looks like it was ripped from a tent during a military bivouac. If you’re super-serious about seating, a row of reclining theater seats is the way to go if room allows. Why pick a busy textile? Camouflage patterns and masculine prints hide even the worst beer and pizza stains.

Man Cave - bar2. Open your bar. Beverages are a must for man caves, so once you nail your chair, it’s time to focus on refreshments. A fridge is essential; nobody with a Y chromosome in their DNA drinks warm beer. As for variety, your cave, your brand. Inform your mates upfront that they can keep their pricey French wines at home. Complete your liquor inventory with manly scotches and whiskeys. Your private stock of beer and spirits should meet all get-together standards: cans and bottles or a beer tap if you have a mind to install one.

Man Cave -  darts3. Attend to your recreational needs. What’s your favourite pastime? You’re the boss, so install anything recreation-related–from a classic dart board or pool table to exercise gear that will pump you up big time. Visit websites known for bargain prices, like Overstock.com and Wayfair.com, to search for fitness bargains, but you could save even more by hitting garage sales and snapping up gently-used treadmills, bikes, and machines thrown aside by men who thought big but never made it out of their easy chairs.

Man Cave -  electronic needs4. Shop for all things electronic. The woman in your life says you don’t communicate. You beg to differ, which is why electronic communications devices grab 4th place on your list of man cave essentials. It helps to be a gadget freak, so align your technology picks with your budget and base your buying decisions around the largest flat-screen TV your wall will accommodate. Add other electronics manufactured to interface with that telly and be sure to inform the family of your wish to further endow the man cave next time holidays roll around.

Man Cave -  storage5. Take command of your wall décor and storage needs. At last, the power is all yours to hang sports memorabilia, fishing and camping snaps, a slightly offensive calendar, neon beer sign, rifle mounts, and that Japanese Samurai sword! Your walls, your decisions, (but you may wish to placate the wife with one family portrait). In addition to wall décor, you need storage. Mega-storage. Shelves, bins, and trunks big enough to hold your comic book collection, sports gear, and relics left over from your days of debauchery. Who says a man cave can’t be neat and tidy?

Man Cave -  decore6. Big game stuffed head. Nothing says man cave like the head of a once-ferocious animal with menacing teeth, antlers, and other scary features. Yes, the real ones can be expensive, off putting and we don’t like to encourage hunting activities… however, there is nothing wrong with a fake animal piece to give you that same feeling while still be animal pet friendly. You can even opt for a room-size marlin catch, and tell your friends an outrageous story on how you bagged the gigantic, mounted fish carcass hanging in your man cave.

Man Cave -  signs7. Signs and rules. Your man cave. Your rules. It’s permissible to engage a sign maker to craft a living memorial to your ego. One oversized wood sign is necessary to establish the identity of the supreme ruler (you), so go big when you commission your “John’s Man Cave” proprietor’s sign. Next up: a second sign, Rules for Visiting the Man Cave. Sit down after quaffing a few brews and ask yourself what you won’t tolerate in your space and turn that list into a paper wall sign. Why paper? Because you may change your mind, Mate.

Man Cave -  office8. Officette? If you bring work home from the office, you could score points with your wife if you tell her that the true purpose of your man cave is to liberate the family dinner table you’ve purloined out of necessity. Shoving a desk against a wall in your man cave is a space saver. Stick a hutch over the desk for storage—like the supplies you harvested from the office as payback for being forced to bring work home on weekends.

Man Cave -  coffee machine9. Coffee table extraordinaire. Make it an outrageously large one by rehabilitating a front door from a junkyard to craft an expansive coffee table surface atop four of anything you fancy from a thrift store. Four pillars, four industrial cable spools, or four thick posts do the job, but your imagination could kick into overdrive once you hit salvage stores. Why so large a coffee table? To hold an obnoxious number of remote controls and extra-large pizza boxes. And where else can those beer steins reside when the soccer match is on?

Man Cave -  lighting10. Shine a light on your cave–but only when necessary. Absolutely nothing is as essential to creating the right man cave mood as the ability to control interior light. When video games, sports matches on the telly, or other activities requiring a dark room arise, nothing short of blackout drapes like those hung during WWII will do. On the other hand, there comes a time when light is needed within the cave. For poker games. To compare racing results or that important billiards game. But not every type of interior lighting fixtures will do, which is why God instructed man on how to make chandeliers out of wiring, bulbs, and a couple of dozen beer cans.

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