Top 10 Essential Items to Have in Your Garden Shed

Top 10 Essential Items to Have in Your Garden Shed


Gardeners know that a solid potting table, storage for handy tools, and room to accommodate extra flower pots are must-haves in a garden shed. But what about the extras, the items, and ideas that help gardening enthusiasts make their gardening sheds unique and comfortable? Here are ten ideas to cover the needs of all gardeners from the high-tech gadget fan to the green-conscious nature lover.

Gardening Essential Items - Microfiber Cloths1. Microfiber Cloths

It seems simple, but a large set of good quality microfiber towel makes life a lot easier for any gardener. The newest versions on the market are super absorbent, and they are also great at mopping up wet dirt and chemical spills. They come in a variety of festive colours and once you are done with them, simply wash and reuse.

Gardening Essential Items - Peg Board for workshop2. Peg Board

These are great organizers for your shed. Inexpensive to buy and you can put it up on an empty wall of your shed. It allows you to hang up your tools and bits and bobs to keep them tidy and in a place you can find them. A peg board is designed so you can adjust the hanging space as needed.  You can buy a peg board at your local hardware store.

Gardening Essential Items - Solar Recharger for Small Gadget3. Solar Recharger for Small Gadget

Many gardeners chose not to install electricity in their sheds either to avoid costly fees or due to unavailability. This, however, does not mean that they have to go without the ability to recharge their personal high-tech gadgets. Today, there are many solar-powered chargers that take up less space than the average smartphone, and they are often compatible with other USB powered devices. Some of them even come with suction cups so that they can be installed on your shed’s windows.

Gardening Essential Items - solar emergency radio4. Solar Emergency Radio/Flashlight

Another solar gadget you will be happy to have in your shed is the radio/flashlight combo. They come with built-in solar chargers that can easily power them through the day, as well as a flashlight to help you find your way in the dark. Many also have a hand-crack option to keep you going even in the dark.

Gardening Essential Items - solar shed light5. Solar Shed Light

To keep on theme, there is one more great invention that will bring light to many avid gardeners: the solar shed light. The light fixture can be installed inside or outside of your shed as long as the solar receptor faces full sunlight. They also work just like normal lights with a light-switch on the wall and can handle a full night of illumination if need to. Most solar lights use LED fixtures, so there is no need to worry about changing the bulb any time soon.

Gardening Essential Items - Creative String and Twine Organizer6. Creative String and Twine Organizer

If there is one thing that most gardeners detest is the untidy mess runaway twines and strings can cause in storage areas. It is also challenging to find a good storage solution for these cords, but not impossible. Fix upside down funnels on your shed’s walls and thread the twines through the funnel for controlled access, or use empty cigar boxes and thread the strings through a small hole on the lid for added character.

Gardening Essential Items - Portable shower7. Battery Operated Shower

If you are a gardener who likes to have some water on hand for a quick hand rinse, you may want to consider getting a battery-operated shower set. They have been serving campers well for decades now, but they are also helpful in keeping your shed clean and organized. In a pinch, they work great as small pumps, as they can be dropped into any container of water and you can easily move them from one location to another.

Gardening Essential Items - HEATER8. Propane Space Heater

Maybe you live in a colder climate or perhaps you just like to spend time in your garden shed even during the winter months. Either way, an inexpensive space heater will keep your shed nice and cozy even on days when there is a nip in the air. Make sure you choose the right size for your shed, keep a constant airflow going, and opt for a version that has auto-shutoff when oxygen levels drop.

Gardening Essential Items - Tv FOR A SHED9. Flip-down TV

If you often find yourself torn between your passion for gardening and watching your favourite team play, you may wish to add a flip-down screen TV to your shed. When not in use, it simply tucks under a shelf and does not take up much space. Many of them come with built-in TV tuners and plug-ins for your MP3 player.

Gardening Essential Items - Arm chair10. Comfortable Armchair

We all know gardening is about kneeling amongst the plants, eliminating weeds, and tying up errant runners. And they make padded kneelers and cushiony stools for that sort of work. But at the end of the day, you will want to have a comfortable chair in your shed to sit down and take a breather in between stooping and kneeling. While you are at it, drape a small blanket over your chair for those impromptu picnics.

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