Shedding Some Light on Our Vets this Anzac Day

Shedding Some Light on Our Vets this Anzac Day


What does Sheds have to do with PTSD? We are using the power of business to raise awareness and funds for Vets in need. Not only because we are passionate about our fellow Australians but it impacts people right here in our team!

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In recent years, Australians have become more aware of a serious issue in our community; depression and high suicide rates of past military personnel aka VETS. Whether they have discharged or returned from war or ended their service… there are many who struggle with mental health issues.

Some of us are familiar with PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which soldiers can suffer from severely.

In an article published by Sydney Morning Herald about this issue, they stated that,

“The number of PTSD-related suicides among former soldiers are estimated to be three times that of Australia’s combat losses in Afghanistan.”

The issue is real.

There are also hundreds who struggle with severe anxiety and depression which goes undiagnosed or treated. These two conditions often also lead to suicide and cannot be ignored.

There are many reasons why a soldier’s mental health can suffer after service. Anything from,

  • Inability to adjust to civilian life and feeling lost and directionless.
  • Many of them struggle to get work or have to start their careers again with no support.
  • The feeling of abandonment and lack of acknowledgement.

These are only 3 examples but there are many and it’s important that even if we cannot understand why they suffer that we show them the support they deserve.

I myself have seen first-hand the suffering. I not only have a friend who has finally received treatment, many many years afterwards her service, but also my own partner. He served for 11 years and is going through the same battle.

These soldiers battle wounds may not be visible but are deadly.

Anzac Day - PTSD

So this Anzac Day, I want to help these wounded soldiers, the way I know best, through business. The business has the power to change lives and we have done so through all our fundraisers in the past.

So at Cheap Sheds, we have decided to donate $5 of every order this Anzac Day Weekend to the Soldier On Charity.

Soldier On is a Foundation who aims to help reintegrate serving and ex-serving Defence Force men and women. They support those who have served by focusing on their physical and mental health, their family, their community, and their future. They have set up centres for people to go where they can find support staff, psychological assistance, links with local services as well as a support network of other veterans and families.

We want to help Soldier On raise awareness for these soldiers on Anzac day to make sure they and their families are getting the support and attention they need.


OPTION 1: Buy a new shed

If you need a new shed or know someone who does, please visit us at on the 25th of April to the 28th to make your purchase.

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OPTION 2: Make a small Contribution

OR if you do not need a shed, you can still make a small contribution to our cause direct to our appeal page:

Shedding Light For Our Vets

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  • Mark says:

    Thanks for the email and well placed appeal

    But I think it is disgusting our service men and woman are not fully taken care of by the politicians that cause them to be injured in the first place, all because of the pandering to other countries and to score votes . I too have a brother who served in the Navy and his whole life has been ruined because of PTSD. What did the politicians and commanders do ? bugger all. My Father served in the Army as well and it is safe to say he has not had a full life rich life either. Politicians are happy to stand in front of Service personal on ANZAC day say we are proud of them etc. etc. , but after the TV cameras are gone, so is the politicians care of the welfare of the service men and woman.

    It is complete BS that charities have to help and service men and woman when the government wash their hands of them. Instead governments of giving some foreign owned company a Billion $ interest free loan to build a railway line, use the bloody money to help our own service men and woman.

    I am sorry, but the more charities do, the less politicians and governments will do to help the very people they personally are responsible for in being injuring in the first place.

    Instead of asking for money for a charity , ask all your customers to demand that their local MP’s do more to help our brave service men and woman instead of using them for political purposes.


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