Garden Shed Assembly – Getting Started

Garden Shed Assembly – Getting Started


Garden Shed Assembly: getting started.

Begining on your project can feel daunting, even with the instruction manual open before you next to your tools.

Getting Started Assembling Your Garden Shed

If you have purchased an Absco Garden shed, this video will show you how to get started.  If you have purchased a different DIY shed please keep in mind the assembly process may be different and to check the manual that came with it. However, this video may assist and you can take away some tips.

So let’s get started!

Now that you have read through the printed instructions, unpacked the carton, and carefully identify and checked off all the parts against the parts described and illustrated in the printed instructions.

Note that each part is numbered for easy identification.

Now let see just how easy it is to use the SNAP TiTE System.

This innovative and patented ABSCO design dramatically reduces the time and effort required to assemble ABSCO products.

Position the channels over the edge of the panels.

Now, gently tap the channels by hand to lock them firmly in place.

It’s that simple.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know below and we’ll get back to you very quickly. Thank you.

That’s it! Now you can move onto the next step- all videos can be found here:

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