DIY Garden Shed: Door Panel Assembly

DIY Garden Shed: Door Panel Assembly


Door Panel Assembly

If you are assembling your Absco Garden Shed and up to the Door Panel then this video and instructions below will assist you. If you have a different product, please note assembly can differ but the video may give you some tips on how to proceed.

Now, let’s begin with the door panel assembly as display in your printed instructions.

Each panel has pre-drilled holes and all the screws you required are supplied.

This is the case for each panel required to complete the assembly of your shed.

Start by laying your door panels out and fix the top and bottom channels to the panels.

These channels use the SNAP TiTE System.

Note the difference between the single door channels and jam door channel.

The jam door has pre-drilled holes for the locks and the channel is Z shape.

Begin with the jam door channels. The channels fit inside each other as demonstrated.

Now to the single door channel, once the channels are in position, secure them to the panels.

The lock plates are next.

The plate with four (4) holes is for the jam door.

Once secured, move on to the single door.

When fixing this plate, only two (2) screws are required because the other holes are for the pod bolt.

Once the plates are fixed, turn the door over and screw the door channels to the back of the panels.

Now place the assembled door panels to one side.

That’s it! Now you can move onto the next step- all videos can be found here:

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