Why Should You Choose DIY Garden Sheds Over Panel Sheds?

Why Should You Choose DIY Garden Sheds Over Panel Sheds?


As a culture, Australians love their garden sheds but years go if you didn’t have one already in your backyard, or didn’t build one from scratch yourself… you had limited, to no choices for easy storage solutions. Before the DIY Garden Shed Kits hit the market many years ago, there was the only Panel Sheds available to Aussies and these garden sheds looked good, but had many challenges… So let’s take a look at why.

The Difference Between a DIY Garden Shed Kit and a Panel Shed

Panel Sheds are pre-assembled buildings, meaning their walls and roofs are pre-assembled during the manufacturing process. So when you receive your product, you only need to stand the walls up, connect them together at the four corners, and slide the roof on the top of it and it is done.

panel sheds - Garden shed

While this makes the assembly very quick and easy for sure, due to their size and packaging there were some challenges and high costs.

With the walls and room being assembled when they arrive, the shed itself becomes a pretty large freight, which not only makes the cost of the shipping high, but they can also get damaged very easily (it does not take long to get the panels dented).

Panel shed delivered:

panel sheds - deliveryFlat packed DIY shed delivered:

panel sheds - delivery

Distribution was also very limited to local areas only because it was not viable to take these large packages much further due to costs and damage risks. So depending on where you lived, you had a limited choice for your storage needs.

But to the rescue came the DIY shed!

DIY Garden Shed Kits were created when suppliers saw the problem and they started to manufacture the DIY kits to meet the consumer’s needs.

And their popularity skyrocketed because,

  • They are affordable
  • There is a large range to choose from
  • More accessible for people across the country
  • Easy to Transport

Now, years on from when they first hit the market, their popularity is still sky-high and with engineers spending more and more time fine-tuning the assembly process to make it super simple and easy for ANYONE to build a shed, I believe they are here to stay!

Even though the DIY Shed Kits require some DIY skills, some assistance, and commitment, these are still Australia’s number one choice for storage solutions.

Panel sheds almost disappeared from the market, but today some hardware stores and local manufacturers still offer them for those who prefer less DIY and happy to spend more.

Where to find DIY Garden Shed Kits?

Here at Cheap Sheds we specialize in DIY Shed Kits and have the largest range online. We have been in business for over 7 years and you can see how easy a DIY shed is to put together by visiting this assembly page:


We have helped thousands of customers find DIY garden sheds, workshops, and garages over the years. And I can speak from experience that so many of them love their DIY sheds. Not only do you get an affordable, quality storage solution, but you also have a sense of achievement and ownership because YOU built it.

Check out the video below from our customers:

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