Carport Kit Assembly – Documentation of Experience

Carport Kit Assembly – Documentation of Experience


Carports can be bought as DIY kits and popular at Cheap Sheds. Customer, John Paul Murphy, documented his carport kit assembly and sent us his photos to show how it was done.

Building a carport can often be a challenge as ts a larger building than a small shed and needs the poles to be well secured. So we wanted to share with you one of our customers,  John Murphys, project and images of his carport project.

John Paul Murphys Carport Project.

“This was the very first time I’ve ever built something like this! The instructions were easy and simple to read and understand.

I put it on Footings not a slab, and the only thing I found a bit bizarre was the dimensions for the footings for the size of the dyna-bolts supplied. I dug the hole the depth recommended but made the width and length a bit smaller

Once the footings were measured up, string lined and pegged, I got a hand from my neighbours to help dig the holes (all by hand using a shovel- all two feet of it (Took about 4 days total!).

Once the frame was done and the legs on, it was easy as to do the the rest” -John Murphy

Carport Kit Assembly - Customer pictures

Caport Kits - Link to store

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