How to Build a 5 Star Rating Home in A DIY Shed Kit

How to Build a 5 Star Rating Home in A DIY Shed Kit


Building prefab homes, tiny homes, container homes, 3rd Printing homes… finding cost-effective, eco-friendly yet 5-star rating home options is a hot trend in recent times. People are obsessed with finding home solutions on a budget without losing the quality of life we want.

So how does a DIY Shed Kit compare to all the other options? And how does it even make a 5-star rating?

Just ask Nic Colla and his partner Shannyn from Tasmania who bought a shed kit from Cheap Sheds and transformed it into a home.

“We live in a small place called Grindelwald which is neither suburban nor country and we’ve just moved into our home.

It’s a Shed!

But it’s no ordinary shed… instead, we see it as an alternative living solution! Once you step inside you would never guess it came in a flat packed box designed to be a shed. Designed like a large studio apartment it has a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen- it’s got everything we need to call it home!”

These days buying a home and land package is a very popular and attractive option for young couples looking to start their lives together. However, it’s not the easiest project and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. Many couples face challenges such as where to live while you are building…

But there is a cheaper alternative

Shannyn and Nic bought their land and decided to avoid the extra costs of renting by finding a solution to live on their own land with council approval.

So with the architect’s plans and a Spanbild triple garage on its way, the council approved the project within a week and its construction began. Together with his family and a builder friend, Nic built his temporary home for less than $12,000!

Their shed home modifications include:

  • Plumbing 
  • Electricity 
  • Insulation, 
  • Windows and doors.

The house is so impressive it’s even been given a 5-star energy rating.

The couple sent in a message to let us know how they were going, through winter:

“Just an update on the shed. The house is out of the ground now, we should be in there by xmas, the shed has seen the worst of winter and come thru n flying colours. Just a quick pic to show you what in talking about, most mornings the shed is frozen on the outside! And yet its still warm and toasty on the inside after a cold night and the heater being turned OFF for about 8 hours! It has really impressed me, we have had no faults/movement in the shed and its still standing strong.'”

House Shed - insulation

I can certainly say, the team at Cheap Sheds has discussed the possibility of living in one of our sheds before but we have never seen one of our products take such a big transformation and become a home.

Soon Nic and Shannyn will finish building their actual home and this huge shed will be turned into the ultimate man cave… so I am told.

House Shed - Inside of the DIY shed
House Shed - inside the backyard shed
House Shed - painting
House Shed - carpetted wall
House Shed - living room
House Shed - living room
House Shed - outdoor shed
House Shed - backyard shed
House Shed - Toilet

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