One Global Market is the Future of Our Economy

One Global Market is the Future of Our Economy


Last week, one of the biggest and longest-standing International trade shows opened and it’s running for the 113th time. The Canton Fair has been a part of the development of China’s foreign trade and seen many relationships grow politically, economically, and culturally between China and the rest of the world. Many flocks from around the world to make new connections and do business.

  • Over 150,000 people visit the fair
  • Approximately 262 Million USD is done in business

Witnessing the integration of trade, finances, and people at trade shows like this aids the ‘closing’ of the gaps between countries and the development of a global market place. Companies are embracing the opportunities international trade offers and customers are seeing new products available to them.

Chinese importing and exporting is a major part of Australia…

Although Cheap Sheds supplies Australian made products, we are a big supporter of Chinese trade despite the occasional challenges we face. Many companies in various industries successfully import great products from China. However,  from time to time cheap and inferior products can make their way into Australia and New Zealand. We see it happen in our own industry often and local manufacturers and suppliers cannot compete with the very low prices of these products. This is unfortunate as, despite the low prices, customers end up with more issues than benefits from the financial decision.  Here are some reasons why the cheaper product may not be the best product:

  • When receiving your product you may find pieces  missing or broken
  • The material is not built to withstand the local weather and will collapse at the first sign of bad weather
  • Generally, they have a shorter lifespan
  • They can be below Industry standards

There is a huge push for manufacturers and suppliers to be careful with whom they form relationships with internationally and to only import products that are of good quality and tested to meet industry standards. Most of the time the issue is not with the Chinese exporter, but rather the choice the supplier has made to import and sell the cheaper materials or products. It is a tough game as it can be very tempting due to the greater profit margins.

Cheap Sheds is no stranger to international trade. The plastic sheds are imported from America and Israel and have been carefully picked to ensure they meet Australian Standards. The steel shed ranges are all Australian and New Zealand made because at this point they are still the best sheds on the market for the local market.

So as people travel internationally to visit the Canton fair, business owners are urged to check and make business decisions, which will benefit both them and the customers. We look forward to seeing what new and great products will be coming to the shores of Australia and New Zealand.


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  • We visited the Canton Fair in April/May this year for the first time and found it an eye opening experience to say the least!

    The place is HUGE!!
    Its easy to get distracted because there’s is just so many different areas with multiple floors, with hundreds of stands each with so many products.
    So you have to stay focused on why you’re there…. to meet the right suppliers for the products you want to import. This experience opens your eyes to many opportunities you may not have known existed before and whether you decide to import from China or not, its certainly well worth going just once in your life time.
    But wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes! I think we walked about 12km each day.

  • Krisztian says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience Nicki.

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