16 Smart DIY Storage Solutions for the Home

16 Smart DIY Storage Solutions for the Home


Sometimes we feel like we are outgrowing our homes with all our stuff and family belongings, but the truth is we aren’t very smart with our storage use in the first place. There are many ways to improve your living space with DIY storage solutions. Have you thought of all those empty walls, unused corners, or beneath the stairs?

Below are 17 smart storage solutions for a home and hopefully, you will get some neat ideas on how to de-clutter and make your home livable again! Now before you go forth… I must add that most of these ideas are DIY but depending on your building skills you may need some assistance.

1. Corner Shelving

diy storage solutions - corner shelves

Situated in an alcove where people hardly ever step, or a corner than never gets used or is awkward you should consider a corner bookcase! It is a common dining room or living room storage idea. Places like Ikea have GREAT billy bookcase combos to provide this storage option and give you greater use of those awkward corners.

2. Staircase storage

diy storage solutions - stairs storage

With properties getting smaller in metro Australian our houses are becoming more compact and require careful planning. So when planning to build or renovate think of those empty awkward spots under the stairs which can be used in clever ways to increase storage space.

We have seen people add drawers under the stairs, and shelving on the side. You can even build a storage bench alongside the wall in this empty area for putting on shoes on your way out!

3. Wardrobe study

diy storage solutions - wardrobe office

Turn an unused wardrobe into a study in your room. If it’s built-in or not they make great alcoves for a personalized study nook. You can even leave the doors on and close them when it’s not in use.

4. Bunk beds

diy storage solutions - bunk beds

Do you have two kids or more and running out of rooms? Create sleeping spots for two kids with built-in bunk beds. These can easily be DIY and to make it safer why not create a flight of steps instead of a ladder. You can use the steps as drawers and why not throw in extra storage under the bottom bunk as well!

5. Wall-to-wall storage

diy storage solutions - wall-to-wall storage

Custom make a wall to wall storage bench on a wall which is unused in your home. It can provide you with ample storage as well as a place to sit or place things on. Options are endless and you can make it as long as the walls allow it!

6. Split living areas

diy storage solutions - divider

Do you have a large landing area in your home and want to split use it? Why not build deep bookshelves or cupboards from floor to ceiling around a desk to make a cubicle. You can create a home office inside a room, which can also be used for another purpose.

7. Built-in wardrobes

diy storage solutions - built-in wardrobe

Need more space to move around in your room? Perhaps dig out a wall and sculpt out a floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe. You may need some plans or an expert for this, but you will be surprised how much it can change your room.

8. Fold-away baby change table

diy storage solutions - fold-up baby change table

In a little baby nursery, a fold-up changing table that vanishes in the wall saves room and produces storage recesses for diapers, wipes, and additional baby items. These can be easily done by yourself at little cost.

9. Under bed storage

diy storage solutions - under the bed storage

Opting for a platform bed is common these days as it can provide you with built-in drawers and ledges for stowing areas for books, toys, and clothing. Great for smaller bedrooms with little built-in storage space.

10. Storage bike shed

diy storage solutions - bike shed

Hate the family bringing their bikes inside or leaving them around the house, did you say tripping hazard? Today, Bike Sheds are very popular and a great storage solution for bicycles. You can DIY it and put it on the porch or garage or at the front door.

11. Split Garage

diy storage solutions - split garage

Sometimes a garage functions both as a home office, a leisure room storage, and or workshop. A loft or shelves by the roof can provide that much-needed space for storage you need. It just about doubles the area and creates boundaries between the spaces.

12. Toilet Shelf

diy storage solutions - toilet shelf

A shelf or cupboard built-in behind the toilet can not only look attractive but provide you with that tiny bit of space to keep the necessities in.

13. Underneath the decking

diy storage solutions - underneath the decking

If you have a raised front or backyard porch or decking you could clean out underneath this structure and make arrangements to use it as storage. Easy pull out durable boxes for tools or equipment could easily be stored safe and snug under the porch. We found some awesome options from  Aussie Deck Drawers. 

14. Foldable Desk

diy storage solutions - foldable desk

In a kid’s room or maybe the spare room you can mount a work table that folds away. Chop wood to suit the area and utilize wall brackets to suspend it. You can build it yourself but it’s just as easy to purchase one from a place like Ikea which is ready to install and still affordable.

15. Cube storage

diy storage solutions - cube storage

What’s been handy in kids’ bedrooms is arranging cubbyholes alongside the wall to put away toys, books, etc. Make them at their eye level so that they can clean up their rooms by themselves and also arrange their things how they want.

16. Corner desk

diy storage solutions - corner desk

A corner desk is great for saving space in your rooms or study plus by mounting stacking shelves and adding a magnetic message board, you will be able to keep your desk from getting cluttered.

Extra storage space not only keeps the rest of your house from appearing cluttered, but it also keeps your home organized. By utilizing the empty space around your home, you are making more room to breathe in.

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