How to Update Your Bathroom for a Reasonable Price

How to Update Your Bathroom for a Reasonable Price


If you want to breathe some new life into your bathroom, but don’t have the budget for a complete redesign, don’t despair. There are many budget-friendly ways to update your bathroom and give it some elegance- you only need to know these tips and tricks and successfully implement them in your space.

Replace only what is necessary

Update Your Bathroom - less is more

While renovating your bathroom, don’t just go around throwing old things away. If you are at least a tiny bit interested in DIY projects, take your old things and give them a new look or purpose. For instance, you can refresh the look of your old fixtures, or repaint your cabinets and shelves. Your bathroom will look more elegant and luxe right away, even though you’ve spent a minimal amount of money. However, if there are things that are beyond salvageable, you must get rid of them. Now, use the money you’ve saved on DIY projects to get something new and elegant for your bathroom.

Luxurious elements

Update Your Bathroom - elegant bathtub

You don’t need to do a complete bathroom remodel to make your space more elegant. Usually, all you need to get is one or two well-thought-out elements that will transform your bathroom from a beast into a beauty. You can consider installing a breathtaking chandelier that will illuminate the space and make it much more elegant, or opt to give your shower a little makeover. Another thing that never leaves anyone indifferent is a beautiful bathtub. Elegant bathtubs will give any bathroom a luxurious vibe.

Pay attention to the floor

One quite affordable way to make your bathroom look unique and elegant is to put up some interesting tiles. Find tiles that will bring your bathroom to life and make it stand out. If you have the time and patience, you can break your standard tiles and create an interesting mosaic on your bathroom floor. Even though it’s a nerve-wracking chore, your bathroom floor will look amazing and it won’t cost much.

Find a breathtaking mirror

Update Your Bathroom - Wow mirror

Even though mirrors can be a bit expensive, the cost is well worth it. If you choose the right mirror for your bathroom, it will make your space unique and interesting, and also make it bigger visually, which makes it a great accessory for all bathrooms, especially the small ones. You can opt for a modern approach with a big mirror across the wall, or choose a more classic mirror with a unique frame. Don’t forget to check out thrift shops for quality yet cheap mirrors.

Storage units

Update Your Bathroom - storage

If you want your bathroom to be elegant and clutter-free, you must provide it with some appropriate storage space. Again, you don’t necessarily have to buy new cabinets and shelves. You can repaint your existing ones a new and interesting colour and voila! Your old shelves will look as good as new. Try to avoid clutter and having too many decorative elements in your bathroom, especially if it’s not very spacious. Store your hygiene products, towels, tissues, and toilet paper out of sight, and display only one or two decorative elements. Once you de-clutter, your bathroom will look much classier and more elegant.

Go with minimalism

Update Your Bathroom - neutral

Minimalism is becoming a more and more popular option for bathroom design. For a minimalist bathroom opt for a neutral colour palette of white, black, and grey, and add a bit of shine with stainless-steel fixtures and accessories. You can use unique lighting fixtures to bring some personality to space, but otherwise, keep the decorative elements to the minimum. And if you have an opportunity to let natural light into your bathroom, don’t hesitate to do so.

No matter which interior design style you go with, whether it’s minimalism or retro, you can achieve an elegant look in your bathroom without breaking the bank. Just be creative and think outside the box, and soon you’ll end up with a bathroom that will be your private piece of paradise.

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