6 DIY Fixes You Should Complete Before Selling Your Home

6 DIY Fixes You Should Complete Before Selling Your Home


If you want to upgrade to a new and better home, first you need to maximize the value of your current property. So before selling your home, you may need to make sure it’s on par with what the market you are looking for.

There are various cosmetic enhancements you can do to improve the look of your home, but you also need to consider some basic structural repairs too. All of these will make your home more attractive to potential buyers and could make a difference between selling and your listing going stagnant.

Take care of structural problems

 Selling Your Home - fix foundation

The first thing you need to take care of before selling your home on market is fixing any major structural problems. Even though repairs such as sagging or leaking roof, structural cracks, bowing walls or a collapsed floor cost a lot of money, they are absolutely essential if you want to make a sale.

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Update your heating

Selling Your Home - mind the heating system

A good heating system will always add value to your property, and most of the buyers and mortgage valuers consider it essential. While you’re updating the heating system you can also add to the general energy efficiency of the house.

Consider sealing any drafts around doors and windows, replacing windows with double glazed ones, and add insulation to the loft space.

Upgrade your kitchen

 Selling Your Home - Kitchen makeover

Probably the number one interior upgrade is the kitchen.

Of course, you don’t have to go all-in to achieve good results. You can do a mini-makeover by changing the paint, repainting your cabinets, or add some colour to the space with a new backsplash. You can also consider installing new countertops, and even invest in some new stainless steel appliances. Buyers simply can’t resist modern and sleek high-tech appliances so it may be worth doing before selling your home.

Give your bathroom a makeover

 Selling Your Home - Updating bathroom design

Since bathrooms usually suffer a lot of wear and tear, it’s smart to give it a makeover before putting your home up for sale.

Get rid of that old overhead lighting, and replace it with some modern wall mounts and mirror frame lights to add warmth and value to your bathroom. Another improvement you can make is to add heated floors that most of the buyers love. You also need to keep your bathroom clean and tidy; even consider freshening up your tiles with some new grout.

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Improve your curb appeal

Selling Your Home - enhance curb appeal

Your exterior should be impressive since it’s the first thing your potential buyers will see. Try to accentuate the good sides and hide the bad sides of your property. If you have a wide pathway highlight it with flowers or lighting, or if you have a big entrance, accentuate it with bold and statement front door colour.

You might also want to refresh your facade. One great and modern solution for your external walls is strong fibre cement cladding. It’s perfect for all kinds of residential buildings and homes because it’s lightweight and durable, easy to install, and a very cost-effective. It will also give your home a sleek and contemporary look many younger buyers are looking for in a home.

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Add a private parking spot

If space allows, it’s a smart decision to add a parking spot in front of your home, since it can add up to 15% to the value of your property. Even though you need to go through a lot of paperwork to get permission to pave, it’s all worth it. For instance, a buyer with a luxury car will not want to park on the street and risk getting their car scratched.

As you can see, doing all of these improvements before selling your home will boost your home’s value and attract many buyers. If on top of all these upgrades and updates, your home is located in a good up-and-coming neighbourhood, your property will not stay on the market very long.

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