5 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

5 Ways to Enhance Your Curb Appeal


Does your home look weathered and beaten up, and does it leave a not so great first impression? When it’s time for some home exterior upgrades. But, that’s easier said than done. If you don’t know where to start updating your home’s curb appeal, this is just the guide for you.

These 5 simple ways will improve your home’s look and make it look flawless again.

New Front Door Entrance

Curb appeal - new door

If you want to change only one thing on your home’s exterior, make sure it’s the front door. A new and improved entrance will tremendously improve your curb appeal. The door market is really huge and there’s something for everyone: there are different,

  • Sizes
  • Designs
  • Colours
  • Materials

You can choose doors that are classic and timeless, or opt for something really breathtaking as long as it fits your exterior style.

Even though doors that match your façade look clean and tidy, you might want to consider choosing a color that pops against your home’s exterior. When you use contrasting colors and some beautiful plants around them, your front doors will simply attract visitors and say “Welcome”.

Update Your Front Windows

Curb appeal - update front windows

Windows are quite important in maintaining your home’s curb appeal because they take up a lot of space in your home’s façade.

You maybe had some high-quality windows installed 20 years ago and they still work, but after that much time they’re bound to lose some of the functionality and they probably aren’t energy efficient. If that’s the case with your home, you better invest in some new windows that complement your home’s exterior and are up-to-date with new energy-conservation standards.

You can also add exterior plantation shutters and awnings to add visual appeal, depth to your façade, and some extra shade for those hot summer days. They also add a splash of color to your home and make it more interesting.

Freshen Up The Paint

Curb appeal - re apply paint

A new coat of paint to your façade will give your home a new life.

A sparkling clean finish makes a huge difference, even if you use the same color as existing. If you really want to change things up and create a bigger impact, you can change the color of your façade; just make sure it matches your home’s style and interior design. If you need some color inspiration, you can take a drive around the neighborhood and pick up some ideas.

When repainting your house try not to rush things; take plenty of time and choose quality paint, otherwise, you’ll need to redo the whole thing in a couple of years. Also, if you want the job done professionally, it’s always better to give experts a call. They will not only repaint your house much nicer, but they also bring their own scaffolds, rollers, and brushes. But, if you’re an experienced DIY master get yourself a practical mobile scaffold and some painting tools and get to it!

Update Your Front Entrance

Curb appeal - front entrance

Even though front entrances are minimal these days, adding a ‘wow factor’ can be worth the effort. Sometimes you only need a bit of repair and update, but sometimes it’s better to redesign it from scratch. Whatever option you choose, make sure you choose only top-quality materials to get the most out of your investment. Also, don’t forget to update your entrance with pots, furniture and add some decoration. No matter how much money you’re ready to spend, you can always find a cute chair or planter sets to make the space even more inviting.

Frame your property with a fence

Curb appeal - fence

This upgrade will totally transform your home.

Front yard fences have a few functions and whether it’s for decorative purposes or for privacy and security, they go hand in hand. Whatever the purpose of the fence, they naturally make a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home.

Think of your front yard fence like a picture frame, even if its function is for privacy you have to make sure to choose the design that matches your home’s style. There is a wide variety of fencing styles, materials, and colors and you’re bound to find something to suit your exterior design and your budget. Also, don’t forget to check out your local zoning laws before you begin any construction.

To find out more about adding a fence to your home, you can read ‘Selling Your Home? A New Fence Could Up Your Asking Price’.

These updates and upgrades will not only make your home look beautiful and appealing, but also add some serious value to your property. We hope these tips sparked some more exterior design ideas you can try out on your home.

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