Home Exterior Renovations You Should Consider for Your Safety

Home Exterior Renovations You Should Consider for Your Safety


Have you just bought a house and busy planning on how to spice up your interior? The bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms are our key living areas that make our homes feel new and exciting, so it’s no wonder it’s the first place we want to invest and update.

However, there’s more to home improvement than updating our indoor areas. Your house really is made up of a foundation, walls, and roof. When last did you take a walk around the outside of your house and inspect the walls, the bricks, and the foundation? Are they still structurally sound?

The exterior of your house has an important job, keeping your home a safe place to live. It also doesn’t need to look drab and boring, it can also be new and exciting!

So here in this article, we will address these often neglected areas and suggest how you can update them to bring some dazzle into your home exterior renovations.

The Foundation & Walls

home exterior renovations - considerations for safety

While we get excited about our interior renovation projects don’t neglect what holds your house up. So we recommend you take a walk and assess the outside of your home.

You want to ensure there are no signs of deterioration, cracks in the foundation, bricks that have moved, termite or ant infestations or broken pipes, or exposed wires. Make a note of anything which may lead to a bigger issue down the line and ensure you get someone to come and inspect it.

Next, if you are free of any threats you can address the appeal. Could your home do with a new look?

You can render or choose to paint directly over bricks which is very popular! It’s all about getting organized and choosing the right colours and exterior that will make your home look and feel exciting to you.

Picking the right colour may take some time. You need to consider the following;

  • The size of your home
  • Other accents colours like the roof and gutters
  • Your house perimeter walls/fence
  • Your Driveway colour
  • Your neighbors home designs & colours

If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, you could consider and enjoy choosing a bolder colour that might make it pop and stand out. On the flip side, if you own a large house, you can opt for more earthy subtle tones like grey, sandstone, or white.

If your house has vinyl siding it is important to maintain it and clean it every once in a while. Luckily, you can do this on your own, using a garden hose and a powerful cleaning solution. Alternatively, you could get in touch with professionals and make sure your vinyl siding is always in the best shape possible and replace any panels which are worse for wear.

At the end of the day a lick of paint, clean and regular maintenance checks will keep your house feeling new and avoid any unexpected disasters.

Check Your Roof

home exterior renovations - check the roof

Often the roof is an afterthought, not something people pay too much attention to unless there is a disaster, and you want to avoid that.

Sometimes, roofs are damaged due to harsh weather conditions, so they need to be repaired or replaced which is very costly. Other times, the damage can happen over time, such as leaks…this is particularly common for people living in older houses with tiles.

You can do spot checks like climbing your ladder to see the condition of the roof, and when it rains check your ceiling for any signs of leaking. However, it is recommended to hire an experienced roofing contractor to come and inspect your roof and make necessary improvements.

If your roof is structurally stable but looking a bit weathered there are ways to improve its appeal,

  • Hire a pressure hose or a contractor to come and clean the mold off your tiles. You will be surprised how clean it will come out!
  • Repaint the tiles! Yes, it’s very possible and you can hire someone to come out to do this job.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

home exterior renovations - improve curb appeal

Attending your front yard, driveway and entry not only gives your guests and neighbors a great first impression but it gives you an entry to be proud of.

From a practical approach, cleaning up an overgrown, unattended front yard and fixing a broken, uneven driveway, it will make it a safer place for you and lift the value of your home.

Uneven driveways are a tripping hazard and an eyesore.

An overgrown yard leads to pests infestations, bitter neighbors, and council warnings.

Giving your front yard and home a facelift will ensure your guests, your family, and random passers-by notice your home.

Ideas for lifting your frontage appeal:

  • Clear and add a simple native garden or mulch to your front yard, it does not need to be a landscaping utopia, just a clean and easy care garden
  • Replacing the front door and repainting the windows for pops of colour or a modern touch
  • Fix cracks and shifted bricks in your driveway. Constant Maintenance is better than a complete overhaul
  • A new post box from a hardware shop is inexpensive and can make your home feel new and modern

Of course, there’s more to home exterior renovations than these four areas. However, if you start by checking and updating these, you will have made a valuable investment into your future for not only your safety but for its appeal to the market.

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