Neighbour Etiquette 101 During Home Renovations

Neighbour Etiquette 101 During Home Renovations


Let’s face it, home renovations can be incredibly frustrating for both you and your neighbours.

Inevitably there is always that moment (or… err… five or six), when you’re surrounded by work in progress, loud machinery and you’re most likely behind schedule. You try to remind yourself that the end result will be worth all of the fuss, but sometimes that is far easier said than done.

Now consider how your neighbours feel about the same scenario however they don’t have the end result to gain from. They just have to endure the loud noise, dust, and dirt everywhere, with no idea when it will end… Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

Luckily, with the right attitude and neighbour etiquette, any bad blood between you and your neighbour is totally avoidable.

With my experience in building and renovating at Taylor Fencing, I can give you the best tips on how to make peace with the neighbours during home renovations.

In a perfect world, our neighbours would be our best friends. You’d be able to pop next door to grab a cup of sugar whenever you please. Your family celebrations would become their family celebrations, your holidays away- a joint effort. And as you’re navigating your current or future home renovations, you’ll find the best support system possible in your neighbours, if you follow these pieces of advice:

#1 Give them advance notice

Home Renovations - Advance notice

It doesn’t matter how stressful this time period can be; in the end- it will make your home even more beautiful and functional, right?

However, it may not be worth making enemies with your neighbours and risk being driven out of the suburb post renos.

So the biggest tip is giving the advance notice.

It doesn’t matter if your project is so small and self-contained that it will be completed in less than a day. It doesn’t matter if all of the supplies can be found in one truck, which has no intention of blocking any driveways. And it doesn’t matter if your home renovations only impact the most interior of spaces in your humble abode.

If you know that a home renovation is marked anywhere on your calendar, your neighbours should be given advance notice.

Even if it doesn’t impact them at all, they will feel extremely respected that you had the foresight to communicate in advance.

Bonus? They’ll be far more inclined to help out, should you need an extra hand during the stress of home updates and renovations.

#2 Communications During the Project

Home Renovations- Loud noise
Etiquette tip number 2 is making sure you communicate with them in terms of, the schedule.

If it’s a pretty big project which co-ordinates different contractors and will span over a period of time. It’s best to keep them up to date regarding:

  • How long the project may take & delays
  • Noise level
  • Days and times there will be noise
  • Any visual eyesores or debris

I suggest you work with your contractors to determine the best time to complete the work ahead. Preferably not at times which irritate local residents.

I am always happy to work with the client’s schedules when setting up their fences, however, not all contractors are that flexible. So you won’t always have this luxury, sometimes you have to fit their schedules.
So communicating the schedule with your surrounding neighbours will allow them to plan ahead and not turn into The Hulk when the drill starts at 7am on a Sunday.

#3 Practice Gratitude

Home Renovations - Gratitude

There are two parts to this one.

First of all, if your neighbours have shown support in any capacity during these time periods, make sure that you’re thanking them. This can be as small and simple as a thank you card. This can be as large and grandiose as a gift card or hosting a meal at your newly renovated home.

This isn’t about size, as long as it comes from the heart.

Additionally, remember that returning the favor may come about more quickly than you think. It may not be long before you need to play the supporting role…

With these pieces of advice in hand, you are sure to avoid any horror stories like others have in the past.

You can read what a few of my customers experiences recently > Neighbor Horror Stories

Now I hope that you’re well on your way to far less stressful home renovations, not to mention perhaps, some new friends on your street.

Good Luck!

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