10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home and Garden

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home and Garden


It’s Christmas time again and these days you can order some awesome gifts online at pretty affordable prices! We did some digging and made a list of our favourite gift ideas for the Home and Garden.

Cushion Covers

To lighten up your indoor lounge or outdoor entertaining area, a set of cushions are perfect! These days you have so many styles to choose from and the more you mix and match the more interesting your home will look. It’s so trendy right now so why not get a few for Mum or your partner!

BQQ Cooking Sets

Everyone knows someone who loves to BBQ, especially good old Dad or your husband! Check out these awesome 5 pieces cooking tool set which is top of the range at an affordable price! Hurry and order this before Christmas for a quick and easy gift for that man in your life!

Heating up the BBQ now, just need these tools now!


Everyone loves a good hammock! It’s the definition of a ‘lazy day’. It’s really an affordable and easy gift to give anyone. Everyone can find a place for their hammock at home, a nice cosy nook in the garden or maybe on your patio? Give someone the gift of ‘relaxation’ this Christmas.

Succulent Bowls

Large Succulent bowls are very trendy at the moment. They make great indoor and outdoor decor items and come in many styles and sizes to suit your home. Concrete round bowls are the most popular in 2017. They can cost between $100 -$200 = depending on the size you are after but if you don’t mind a bit of DIY, you can save a lot of money.

Love these Succulent Bowls? You can DIY one by visiting:

Salt water resistance cover for BBQ

It may be practical but your husband or father will love you for it! A water-resistant BBQ cover is essential to keeping your ‘top of the range’ BBQ in the best condition. Many people don’t bother which is why they end up rusting, having problems and finally needing to be replaced before its lifetime is up. Give something valuable this Christmas… your man will love you for it now and later!

BBQ Entertainer

Do you or someone close to you love to entertain and BQQ? Well, this is a great gift if you want to spoil them.  The Keter BBQ Entertainer is high-end product made from durable resin and a steel bench top. It’s your BBQs best friend and provides you the much-needed storage and working area for an easy afternoon around the barbeque.

I need this in my Life, Where do I find it?


Garden Shed

Of course, any garden without a good quality shed these days is unheard of! At such affordable prices, these days everyone should have one or upgrade their old one! If you want to give yourself and your partner a gift that doubles up as a fun project then consider a DIY shed.

Click here if its time to add a new shed to the home!


Does your family have bird family? Or perhaps your parents? Why not treat them and their feathery friends with a new, affordable and easy to DIY aviary.  There are so many to choose from these days and to give the birds a new home also gives your home a face-lift.

Deck box

Here is a gift for many uses! It can be used as a storage box indoors or outdoors plus it can be used as an extra seat during a family BBQ. If you want to help someone tidy up their home then maybe consider giving them a Storage Deck Box which is fade, dent and waterproof!

Yup, it’s time to tidy up, I know who needs one of these!

Line & Hedge Trimmers

This is a great gift for Dad or the man in your life, for Christmas. It’s a handy edge trimmer to keep those edges clean and “this machine will have you trimming and edging like a pro! “
I hope this article gave you some neat gift ideas for the Home and Garden this Christmas!

There is a little something for him and her on here but if you want more inspiration you can also visit



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