4 Fantastic Patio Flooring Ideas

4 Fantastic Patio Flooring Ideas


During the warmer part of the year, it is a privilege to have an outdoor space where you can enjoy refreshing evenings and social gatherings. So when designing your patio, start from the floor up before choosing furniture and decorative items. The patio flooring will anchor the rest of the design.

You will find there is a wide range of outdoor flooring options, and below are 4 of the most popular ones.  There is something for everyone, and each of them has its unique advantages.


Patio Flooring - Flagstone

Flagstone creates a natural and warm look.  The stones also add some drama to your patio, because they are large, different sizes, colours and shapes.

You can get really creative when using flagstone as an outdoor flooring solution.

Another great advantage of choosing flagstone patio flooring is the fact that it provides a flat surface for the patio furniture.

All in all, it provides a nice, natural and gradual transition from the house to the yard. Since it is so versatile, this material goes well with various furniture styles, including iron, stone, whitewashed wood and antique-style furniture.


Patio Flooring - Wood

There is a good reason why about 80 percent of residential outdoor patios are made of wooden boards and decks: classic never gets old.

A wooden or timber patio flooring provides a warm comfy appearance that goes well with wicker or wood furniture.

Building upon this foundation, you can design a classic, vintage, beach or a farmhouse styled patio. If you want something new, you can create a contrast with modern sleekly-designed pieces.


The most popular options when it comes to wood are treated pine and cedar.

Cedar is known to resist rot and is more stable than pine.

Mahogany, Redwood and various tropical hardwoods are also frequently used.

With up-cycling being a popular trend, there are more and more homeowners who are deciding on pallet flooring. Pallet patio flooring has a similar elevated look as wooden decks do and can be laid on virtually any surface.


Patio Flooring - Concrete

An inexpensive patio flooring option is concrete. It provides your backyard with a completely customizable flooring solution which can be adapted to match your every desire.

From large concrete square blocks to poured concrete, and even impressive coloured concrete floors, there is nothing you can’t accomplish with this material. You can achieve just about any look  with the use of,

  • Stains
  • Colouring methods
  • Stamped patterns
  • Engraving

You can choose to blend the concrete with the natural landscape or match to your house.

In addition to versatility, concrete is also durable and easy to maintain. This material can withstand a wide range of weather conditions and years and years of foot traffic. When compared to wood and natural stone, it is also much easier to maintain, since it doesn’t require staining and resealing year after year.


Patio Flooring - Brick

Cheaper than stone but more expensive than concrete, bricks create an appealing and attractive surface. It is ideal patio flooring in smaller areas or only as a feature on a larger surface.

As bricks are made of clay, which is a natural material, bricks blend beautifully both with your house and the backyard. They are versatile, since they come in many different finishes, ranging from smooth to textured, and in various shades.

They are great coupled with wooden and iron outdoor furniture, but the combination of bricks and vintage or farmhouse settings works too.

Engineering bricks or exterior grade bricks are a top choice because they are,

  • Extremely hard and durable
  • Resistant to various weather conditions

However, one of the obvious flaws of bricks is that, since they come in small sizes, it can be time-consuming to lay them.

The four materials I have discussed are by far the most popular patio flooring options. Each of them offers a unique appeal and blends in perfectly with any outdoor space.

It is up to you to decide which one fits your landscaping preferences and your backyard style.

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