Get Yourself Out Of the House and Into Your Man Shed

Get Yourself Out Of the House and Into Your Man Shed


If you are a bloke and there is no room in your house for creating your own personal space, then you should consider a Man Shed. We get it, every bloke needs a quiet place for relaxing (and so do ladies but we talk about that in “Shed Sheds“) and you probably already spend time in the shed working on DIY projects or sipping beer with your mates.

The Man Cave has been a running trend for a long time now in Australia, however, it doesn’t have to resemble ‘a cave’ or be an exclusive club. This article is about making yourself a ‘Man Shed’, a ‘Manly Man Shed’ built for YOUR needs.

So if this is what you have in mind and why you are reading this, then its time to put your handyman skills into action.

Here are some ideas on how to maximise the space and make it your own man shed…

Add Modifications To Your Man Shed

Man Shed - add modifications

If you already have a shed that’s not used for anything special besides storing some tools, you should modify it a bit.

The first thing you should do is get rid of everything you don’t want in there and find a new place for those items in your garage.

Next step is making it habitable. It will need insulation, electricity and heat. If possible, you can sketch out a plan for plumbing as well. After you’re done with all of that, you can start accessorising it according to your needs and wishes.

Create an Entertainment Room

Man Shed - add entertainment

Every guy needs some time alone to enjoy sports and games. If you are such a bloke and you have a half-empty shed, put it to good use and put together a Man Cave!

All you need to do is install a flat-screen TV, set up your game console if you wish, and provide some comfy seating for you and your pals.

In your new entertainment room, you can bond with your friends and host plenty of football game nights. Also, you can set up a minibar or store a mini-fridge in there and always have some cool beverages to add to the fun.

for more details on how to design a man cave, check out >10 Must-Have Items for Your Ultimate Man Cave

Manly Home Office

Man Shed - office

If you lack space in your house, your shed can easily be turned into a home office. Set up your desk, give it layers of lights and surround yourself with the necessary gear. However, since this is your private space, you don’t have to make it all about business. Throw in some instruments to boost your creativity and help you unwind while taking a break.

DIY Heaven

Man Shed - make a diy project

For all of you who just love making things with your bare hands, a shed can be a perfect place.

DIY projects are always fun no matter what you’re making, so equip your shed to match your desired projects and hobbies. Create a simple and big working surface and organise all your tools and necessary materials for the projects. Make sure to have enough space on and beneath the shelves for storage, and you’re done.

Also, don’t forget about safety. Some projects can be complicated and you’ll need to be protected. Thus, make some extra room for your boots, gloves, hard hats, and other PPE gear. This way you can spend your days in true DIY heaven tailored just for you.

Make it Cosy

Man Shed - make it cozy

Many of you might simply seek for a place where you can unwind. Your shed could be your getaway place, so make it comfortable.

Introduce a couch or a nice leather armchair and surround it with your favourite things. This way, you will have your private place and you’ll forget about all the stressful things at work. You can even leave all of your devices and gadgets in the house and turn your shed into a mobile phone-free zone dedicated just for relaxing.

Make it Yours

Man Shed - customize

No matter which style or purpose you choose for your shed, you should personalise it.

  • Paint the walls in your favourite colour or the one that relaxes you the most
  • Throw in a few pieces of animal head trophies or fishing paraphernalia
  • Mark your territory with some signs that will set the boundaries

Organise the items on the shelves according to your needs, especially if you plan to have some DIY projects. If you are not into DIY projects you can fill the shelves with other manly things. For example,

  • Superhero figurines
  • Collection of beer cans or bottles
  • Bottles of good old whisky or wine

Every man deserves some private space where he can be himself. If you cannot really pull that off in your house, then move to the shed and be its king.

Every man deserves some private space where he can be himself. If you cannot really pull that off in your house, then start putting together your man shed and be its king.

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