Shed Accessories – How to Maximise Storage in Your Shed

Shed Accessories – How to Maximise Storage in Your Shed


People purchase sheds to use them as storage space and for their multi-purpose functions. however, many people do not know how to or consider how to maximise the space for storage. Using shed accessories you could improve your shed organisation and accessibility to a greater degree.

With some thought, you can select for common shed accessories offered by retailers like Cheap Sheds.

You can see below what kind of accessories are available:

Add Some Light

For most sheds and garages you can add additional skylight sheets. By adding a skylight you will be allowing natural light into the shed so you can see your things clearly without having to reach for a flashlight.

When adding this accessory to a steel shed it will replace either a full or a half roof panel depending on the brand you choose. However, some of our resin sheds include a skylight ridge cap which runs the length of the roof.

Another good way of letting in some light is by adding windows. You have a few options regarding types of windows but it really depends on the type of shed you purchase. It is also best to add windows to your garden shed kit when buying one, so the correct parts are included in your shed kit saving you money and the hassle of adding it to your shed later.

Types of windows you are looking at include:

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Lighting options for sheds

Lighting options for sheds

Lighting options for sheds

Lighting options for sheds Lighting options for sheds

Storage Solutions

Shelving and tool hooks are available for different shed models.

Spanbilt has a variety of storage solutions for inside your shed. For shelving, they have the following options,

  • Corner Shelving  so you can utilise the corners in your shed
  • 3 Tier Shelf  which you attached to the wall brackets

As for Hanging tools and equipment, they have the following items,

  • Multi-Purpose Hooks – To create perfect order in your shed
  • Tool Hanging Rack – To organise your tools

EasySheds offers Free standing shelving made from galvanised steel. It’s a pretty heavy duty shelf with adjustable shelf heights. They also have some great tool holders which are great for hanging tools, bikes, shovels, brooms, ladders or hoses.

Keter sheds generally come with shelving options too, some come included in the kit and others you can add to your order. The stand out self-called the Sigma is free standing and has 5 shelves. It can hold over 30kg per shelf and is easy to DIY.

Timber Stilla Sheds sometimes can have the option to add an 8ft Loft Shelf. This shelf is built in at the top and is great for using that empty space above your head. its normally only available or the larger sheds.

Shed Accessories - tool holder

Shed Accessories - shelving

Shed Accessories - shelving

Anchoring & Security

Most models come with anchor kits or fixing kits to help secure your shed to the concrete slab.

It’s important to always check if your product includes an anchoring solution and if not, add them to your kit from the accessory options. You need to also make sure you buy the right amount for the size o your shed.

Why is this important? Anchoring your shed ensures your safety. If there is a storm or high winds it will keep your shed ground and keep it from turning into a deadly missile.

Durabuilt currently has the best StormSHED on the market which is well worth looking into if you are in a high wind rate area.

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Flooring Options

It is always recommended to lay a concrete slab for your new shed as it provides a solid and level surface for your shed. However, it’s not always an option for all people so some types of sheds come with alternative options.

For example with some Absco sheds, you can add a timber flooring kit to substitute for a concrete slab.

Resin sheds, generally come with a durable resin floor or you can add an option to your kit from the accessories. Depending on the model it could be a timber floor. Be sure to also consider a concrete foundation for more stability.

With our Cedar Sheds, you can purchase wooden flooring kits. You can opt for the standard rebated floor kit or the heavy duty floor kit for uneven surfaces.

floor kit - Shed Accessories


You don’t often have guttering available for sheds but on some models, we do have this feature on offer. Two of our manufacturers have some shed options in their ranges for guttering:

  • Durabuilt offers guttering on SOME EasySHED garden sheds
  • Spanbilt has developed the Smartlocker storage shed which comes with guttering

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Other Shed Accessories

Another add-on is the shed blanket that has recently been introduced by Absco to help keep the shed cool during summer and insulated during winter.

Durabuilt offers sliding door upgrade kit and a T door handle.

Extra wall height may also be obtained for their EasySHED and Workshop models.

You can also add shed ramp to make getting in and out of your shed MUCH easier.

Absco-Shed-Blanket-–-Insulate-Your-Garden-Shed -Shed Accessories

At the end of the day shed accessories are there to improve your shed storage and get the maximum out of your investment. So take your time in deciding which ones will be best for your needs and make sure to add them to our order BEFORE you check out. You will be kicking yourself if you leave it till after you have built and packed your shed!

There are a range of shed accessories and they change per supplier and per model so the best is to check what is on offer for the shed you like. Also be aware that the options can change depending on what is in stock or what the manufacturers are offering with their sheds.


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