12 Shed Safety Tips When Working in the Shed

12 Shed Safety Tips When Working in the Shed


When working in your shed there are many hidden dangers no matter how big or small, messy or tidy your shed is, and accidents do happen.

So here are some basic safety tips to remember to avoid any nasty accidents:

Shed Safety Tips - Wear the proper gear

#1 Wear the right gear- safety glasses, enclosed shoes, long pants (preferably jeans or heavy-duty pants which are not flammable), safety gloves, and a face shield when using dangerous tools.

#2 Work with enough light- So it may mean putting in a skylight, some windows or even getting a generator to power some electric lights.

#3 Have water and a medical pack close at hand as well as a fire extinguisher.

#4 Mark toxic tins clearly so you don’t accidentally use the wrong one.

#5 Clear the floor so you don’t trip- you can use shelving, hooks, peg boards, etc. to get things off the floor.

#6 Isolate hazardous activities like welding or grinding and make sure you remove anything flammable.

#7 Make sure you have enough workspace when doing tasks to avoid bumping or breaking something.

#8 Make sure shelves and storage units are fixed safely on walls especially if they are overhanging- check fasteners every few months for any loose ones.

#9 Choose a shed/workshop tall enough and use a work bench and stool to prevent you from stooping and to protect your back.

#10 Faulty equipment- replace and service your equipment regularly.

#11 Never cut or grind containers that have previously contained flammable or toxic substances.

#12 Before climbing ladders, place the ladder feet about a quarter of the ladder’s length from the wall or top support to ensure a safe angle to climb. Best to secure it as well to prevent it from slipping.

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