Cheap Sheds Affordable Australian Made Garage Range

Cheap Sheds Affordable Australian Made Garage Range


Cheap Sheds is always evolving and looking for products to suit our markets need. In the last few years, there has been a huge demand for affordable, Australian Made Garage Range.

So today I am happy to announce we have delivered just that!

We have launched 4 Cheap Sheds Garage kits which are made right here in Australia, by Australians from Australian steel. Not only that we are able to:

  • Provide you competitive pricing
  • Site-specific engineering designs
  • Selected Custom Options like more height, 14 colours plus more!
  • 15-year Structural Warranty

Currently they are only available in NSW, ACT, VIC & Non-Cyclonic QLD due to freight costs but hopefully, they will soon be available Australia Wide!

Cheap Sheds Single Garage

Cheap Sheds Single Australian Made Garage

Cheap Sheds Double Garage


Cheap Sheds Double Australian Made Garage

Cheap Sheds Double Garage plus Workshop

Cheap Sheds double Australian Made Garage

Cheap Sheds Triple Garage

Cheap Sheds Triple Australian Made Garage

What is the benefit of a ‘Site-specific’ design?

custom buildings at Cheap Sheds

Adding any steel building to your home is a big investment. So you want to reduce any risk of the project not being completed, right?

Under the new regulations in Australia, Garages need to be engineered to be site specific.   This means you will receive engineering papers specifically created for your address to take to the council for approval

The engineers assess the level of your property surface, its exposure to the elements such as wind and create designs best suitable for the area. What’s more, they can do all this without visiting your site thanks to technology!

Aside from reducing risk, it also means your garage plans are more like to be accepted by the council because it will be ‘location specific’.

Are Cheap Sheds Garages suitable for high wind or cyclone areas?

Just because an Australian Made Garage is locally designed does not mean it can be installed anywhere. As you are aware Australia is vast and the climates are extreme in different parts of the country. So one storage solution doesn’t always suit everyone (as much as we would like to offer that!).

To make it easy, the Cheap Sheds garages are suitable for residential purposes and NOT cyclone rated areas. Although they are tough and engineers to endure bad weather, they are not protected from cyclone winds.

S0 to ensure your safety and the structural warranty of the building the garages you should not add one to your property if you are outside Region A and B, as shown in the map

We recommend if you are on the hunt for a garage and not sure of your weather rated region, check with your local council. Buying a garage which is not suitable for your area can not only lead to damage but a loss of money if your project is declined by the council..

How are the Cheap Sheds Garage delivered?

roller door garages - Cheap ShedsCheap Sheds Garages are delivered as a flat pack ready for assembly. They come in 2 packs (heavy) but can be delivered to your home or local depot for pick up.

How are the Cheap Sheds Garages assembled?


Garages are large buildings, much more so than a shed, so they require a team of people to put together.  

They come with a full manual to DIY the garage, and many customers have successfully done so before. However, you need to consider both options below before making a decision.

Customers have 2 options:

Build it yourself

You can choose to build the garage shed or building yourself, however, there are some things to be aware of.

First and foremost you will be required to own a building licence. For some people, this is no problem but for many, this isn’t a great option.  If you own a licence or want to apply for one online, you can then legally supervise your own team to assemble the shed or building.

So for those farmers with work hands, tradies or builders etc you may have what it requires already so this option may be the best one for you.

Hire the professionals.

Hiring a professional building team is the hassle-free option. You can leave it up to the experts who will know exactly what you need and how to do it.

By choosing this option, you can also rest assured your investment is in safe hands. Sometimes when you DIY, things can go wrong and can end up costing a lot more than you would expect.

So check out the new Cheap Sheds Australian Made Garage Range in Store!

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