Authorities Stepping in to Make You Safe: Sheds and Garages in Cyclone Areas to be Re-Designed

Authorities Stepping in to Make You Safe: Sheds and Garages in Cyclone Areas to be Re-Designed


ATTENTION: If you are in the market for a new shed or garage we recommend you read this article.

The industry is expecting to see some changes to the designs of sheds, garages, and workshops (specifically cyclonic models) as engineers have been given new standards to design these buildings. This has come about from all the cyclonic events Australia has been experiencing recently specifically in North and East Queensland (Cyclone Larry and Cyclone Yasi). Damage to buildings during these events is huge but it’s the damage these buildings can do to the people around them that have become a concern.

cyclone areas - damaged roller door
Failure of overhead roller door – 2006 Cyclone Larry. (Source: AIR)

cyclone areas - damaged roller door

Earlier in the year building authorities have stepped in to review the design of buildings and how they handle extreme weather. New standards have been set as of the start of this month.

How does this impact buying your shed or garage?

During the harsh weather events, there has been a common point of failure with cyclone rated buildings…

The roller doors

We have seen doors coming off their tracks, being blown in or ripped out. And the danger of such an incident is phenomenal. Zinc scraps become flying missiles in strong wind and can cause a fatal accident.

So with the new standards in place, suppliers are taking the steps to ensure their customer safety and have halted production on some of these products. Some products have met approval but many are under review.

This article relates to Roller Door Standard AS4505
and the use of roller doors in cyclonic wind regions C & D.

As of the 1st of May 2013 new standards have been released by Standards Australia and adopted by the BCA (Building Codes Australia), which directly affects the engineering of the doors for garages, and workshops (plus large sheds), which are in cyclonic wind zones.

The Australian Building Codes Board will be regulating roller doors in Cyclonic Wind Region C and D from the 1st of May and all doors supplied in those regions will be required to meet AS 4505.

The new code requires manufacturers to test their roller door designs and provide products that are capable of withstanding the pressures of cyclonic wind. This means the entire structure may need to be re-design or for some just the tracking systems, door frames, and the strength of the structure. The wind locking systems will also most likely become obligatory and will need to have an overhaul.

People living in cyclone areas such as North Queensland can most likely expect that the state and or local councils will enforce new buildings to follow these standards much like the population in Darwin do already.

If you are in a cyclone region we recommend you check before you buy a new garage, shed, or workshop if they are the correct wind rating, that they comply with the new standards, and if they have a suitable locking system. At the end of the day, it will be protecting not only your building from being damaged but also you and your family’s lives.

Cheap Sheds suppliers have informed us that any buildings that were sold prior to May 1st, 2013 are exempt from these new changes and have approval and it will only impact those made after.

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  • Lee says:

    This is a great step taken by the authorities to review the designs of sheds again for the purpose of security. Thanks for a valuable article.

  • Blair brewster says:

    I would like to build a cantilever carport in the Cannonvale area, near Airlie Beach. Perhaps I can have shade cloth which can be removed when a cyclone is approaching.

    • Chai @ Cheap Sheds says:

      Hi Blair, the cantilever carport is a great way to maximise your space. Do check with your local council for the guidelines.

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