6 Tips to Keeping Your Classic Cars Safe in a Shed

6 Tips to Keeping Your Classic Cars Safe in a Shed


Most people have cringed at a scene they have seen in a movie or on television where classic cars get damaged or destroyed. Classic/Vintage car owners do not want to imagine their own cars getting damaged—especially not because of something they themselves have done. In an attempt to prevent such damage, classic car owners often ensure they have a safe and reliable shelter for their valuable possessions…such as a garage or shed.

1_ Buy the Right Size and Type of Shelter for Your Classic Cars

A garage or shed that is too small to properly store a classic car could result in damage, especially if owners do not allow for room to open doors, walking space, etc. Classic car owners also need to make sure that the shed is not too large for their property and can fit in the given space. Choosing the right type of garage is also important. Steel is a popular choice for housing classic cars as it’s durable and the DIY products are easy to assemble. Plastic shelters are also solid options as well.

2_Make Sure the Shelter is Good Quality

Shoddy workmanship abounds in all areas of construction, and car shelters are no different. Classic car owners need to research the quality of merchandise offered by storage solution companies before buying a garage or shed for their cars. Properly made and assembled metal and plastic storage sheds or garages are long-lasting, durable options for protecting classic cars from damage and theft.

3_Assemble the Shed or Garage Correctly

A high-quality shelter can fail to protect the classic car within if the garage is not properly put together. While many of these garages are Do-It-Yourself, they can still be difficult to assemble. Classic car owners should consider getting some help from friends and family or hiring professionals to assemble the shed or garage.

4_Make Sure the Building is Waterproof

Some shelters are waterproof but others may not be. Classic car owners should research the types of shelters they are purchasing or ask the storage selling company about whether or not a particular shed or garage is waterproof. If it is not, then the owner may need to paint the walls and/or floor with waterproof paint or epoxy.

5_Make Sure the Shelter has Insulation

While storing classic cars in a garage or shed can protect the car from the elements, failing to properly insulate the building can cause problems from within. An improperly insulated shelter can cause condensation to form on the outside of the shed, which will increase dust and rust within. Failing to properly insulate will also result in more extreme temperatures in the winter and summer, which can lead to damage.

6_Put the Shed in a Good Location

Sheds and garages need to be placed in locations that mesh well with owners’ homes and the available space. Owners should be mindful of other elements of a location like drainage, sun exposure, etc. A poorly located shelter can flood out or get too much sun, causing damage to the car.

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Classic Cars - customer pictures Classic Cars - customer pictures

Having previously purchased a garden shed from you, and been happy with it, we bought the double garage when my son in Sydney wanted to get his collectable cars away from the sea air. We live in Dubbo, well away from the sea, so he thought we were a handy spot for storage. I did use some improvements of my own, however. I used pop rivets throughout, instead of the self-tappers supplied, and as we are in the middle of a mouse plague, I have added reverse angle on the door to cover the gap, and also on the bottom of the doors, to abut the concrete.

Classic Cars - customer pictures

The shed is not quite finished yet still have guttering & trim to complete. The garage is situated in our horse paddock, but surprisingly does not look out of place, I think because the trees soften the outline. I think it looks really good! But I may be biased, having built it myself, with the help of my wife, who is now a certified pop riveter!! Has been a dream to erect as the plans etc have been simple & easy to follow. Highly recommended shed.

Thanks again,


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