BEWARE of a Dodgy Garden Shed Display at Your Local Store

BEWARE of a Dodgy Garden Shed Display at Your Local Store


You know how they say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”… well, sometimes that is exactly what you SHOULD do when looking at dodgy garden shed displays.

Recently we took a trip to New Zealand and popped into one of the biggest hardware stores not only in New Zealand but Australia too. One you would be very familiar with but I don’t wish to name names…

So on our walk around and checking out their stock you won’t BELIEVE what we saw in their garden sheds display.

We Were Shocked at the Dodgy Garden Shed Display!

Having such dodgy garden sheds on display in a hardware store is very discouraging for any shopper and yes you can certainly say, ‘Lowest prices ARE just the beginning..”

So below is our professional notes upon our inspection of these sheds, and also things you should keep in mind when coming across displays like this in the hunt for your shed:

Your Garden Shed Should never,

  • Have dents or holes in the doors, walls, or roof which have no purpose.
  • Have a DIY timber pillar supporting the roof (one that is not part of the structure).
  • Your door should not be bent and not close properly.

dodgy garden shed display - bent door

Dodgy garden shed display - Timber pillar

Dodgy garden shed display - unsecured door

Dodgy garden shed display - timber  roofing support

What do these images represent?

Poor DIY design – If the handymen at this major hardware store couldn’t put it together properly then what hope do you have?

Low quality steel – Good quality steel does not dent, bend, or damage easily. Only low tensile inferior steel products are susceptible to this damage.

What dangers does this damage represent in the product:

  • It could collapse while you are inside
  • Leaking due to poor design can damage goods inside
  • Holes and poorly finished steel will rust and corrosion can cause further damage
  • It will be torn down and become dangerous missiles during a rough storm

Now, I am not saying that all retailers or products are like the ones we discovered, however, it certainly was a red flag. It reminded us why it’s important to stick to our beliefs of only providing quality Steel Garden Sheds at Cheap Sheds.

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