How to Tell Quality Garden Sheds from a Poorly Made One

How to Tell Quality Garden Sheds from a Poorly Made One


There is significant confusion when it comes to garden sheds in Australia. You might be wondering … what do you mean? How do you know and some other similar type of questions, right?

And that is exactly what I mean…

Most people do not even know there is a huge difference between the products that are available on the market and there is hardly anything done to distinguish these products.

Quality Garden Sheds - diy

As the largest online retailer of garden sheds in Australia, receives phone calls every day, inquiring how our quality garden sheds are different from what they bought from their local hardware store or shady online sellers and ended up throwing in the bin.

You see, I was in the same situation some years ago, I bought a garden shed kit that I had to throw away due to its inferior quality and that inspired me founding a shed retailer company, that only stocks high quality shed kits.

That is how was founded. You can read more about us here>> Cheap Sheds Story

Since then over the years more and more imported sheds appeared on the market (mostly from China) and these products are fundamentally different from the Australian-made kits.

Retailers of the Chinese import sheds are working hard to make the origin of the product less and less obvious so consumers often have no idea they are purchasing a Chinese-made garden shed.

I recorded a video with Kris Ross from Absco and this shows you what to look out for:

On one of our recent trips to check out some products overseas we were shocked and the designs of some products and we shared our experience and photos in the following article:

It is definitely worth checking out to know what to look out for when browsing the displays in stores.

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  • Susan says:

    It is really rather funny, when I think if Australia I picture I can’t visualize regular houses and sheds and things. They only thing I can picture is the so called outback. I think that is because that is all you ever see of Australia on TV or in the movies. This was very interesting and the differences really are astounding aren’t they?

  • Robert says:

    Why is there such a difference in shed in Australia? I mean I watched the video and I heard what you said but it still makes me wonder why they can’t use some of the same materials here that they do there? Do the American people just like ripping people off and doing anything they possibly can to make a buck? This is really sad.

  • George says:

    Your video was very good and very informative however it was very loud in the back ground and there were times it was hard to make out what you were saying. There is a big difference that I can see now that I couldn’t figure out before. Thank you for doing this video and this blog explaining the differences You were right I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.

  • Felipe says:

    I would venture to say that the only information most people have about sheds is whatever the local hardware chain sales clerk decides to tell them in order to make a quick sale. I think it is safe to say that most floor clerks are general hardware sales persons and not shed experts. So I think it is better to visit sites like this one to get some in depth knowledge about sheds before you buy.

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