Cheap Sheds Giving – B1G1 Christmas Lunch

Cheap Sheds Giving – B1G1 Christmas Lunch


What an amazing year 2011 was at Cheap Sheds!

We’ve made significant progress towards our dream to revolutionize how Australians purchase sheds and built our reputation even further as Australia’s largest and most reputable online garden shed retailer.

Cheap Sheds worked with major manufacturers to improve customer experience and delivery. Invested a large amount of resources into educational videos on products so customers can learn about what they are actually buying and just as usual, we kept raising the bar higher and higher in terms of customer service.

Thousands and thousands of new customers joined the Cheap Sheds Pty Ltd family and we hired 6 more full-time team members to our superstar team during the year to accommodate our growth.

We also got to help thousands and thousands of children in India to get access to clean drinking water, which is certainly one of the most rewarding activities of our company that our team and our customers love equally.

b1g1 - Giving

Every time someone purchases a shed, a child in need gets access to clean drinking water for 30 days … automatically. Thanks for the continuous hard work of the highly dedicated team at Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1). What an amazing concept!

We cannot sit on our backside and wait for Governments to change the world … and help people in need. I personally believe business has a huge power to change lives and it was great to catch up with like-minded business owners at the B1G1 Christmas lunch, late December last year.

It is incredible how much energy was in the room full of people that are determined to help others and make a difference.

I attended with my wife, Maria, and had a chance to catch up with B1G1 founder, Masami Sato.

B1G1 - Masami Sato

Maria and I with B1G1 Funder, Masami Sato

Now, as 2012 is getting into motion, we’re focusing on being able to help even more customers in 2012 and it is fascinating to think about the fact that the more customers we help, the more children in India will be provided clean drinking water.

How amazing and we hope to continue to give to the world for many years to come.

You can read more about our recent giving activities and impacts we have made here>

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