We Are Making This World A Better Place – One Shed At The Time

We Are Making This World A Better Place – One Shed At The Time


Many people know Cheap Sheds has embraced transaction-based giving in hope of making this world a better place. Let me explain what that is all about.

Every time we supply a shed to a highly valued customer, we make a donation out of our pocket to supply clean drinking water to a child in India for 30 days.

This is all happening via an amazing organization, called Buy 1 Give 1.

We believe that business has the power to make this world a better place and small and medium-size businesses have just as important social responsibilities as large businesses.

We have been doing transaction-based giving from day 1 … we started the company this way years ago. We have affected over 100,000 children which we’re incredibly happy about and we’re realizing how much effect we have on individuals and other businesses that do business with us and get inspired by our example …

Yesterday, on the live chat we got some insight into this fact, and I thought I’d share this with you as you might find it inspiring too:

A snippet of live chat from cheapsheds.com.au

How amazing…

Here at Cheap Sheds, we are hoping that one day every business transaction will contribute to a better future and businesses realize that it is not solely up to governments to create a better world but the more companies take responsibility and contribute, the more we can achieve together.

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