The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving


Have you ever had a charitable moment? Where you have donated to a cause, participated in an event to raise money, or even something as small as helped someone out in need?

‘Giving’ is part of life and is the friend of ‘Receiving’ but being on the side of the ‘Giver’ has more rewards. Your heart and sense of purpose grow two-fold when you give. By making a difference to a person in need by either saving a life or making someone smile you are bringing light and love into this world.

At Cheap Sheds we are passionate about ‘Giving’ and we use our success and our business to bring that bit of happiness to people in need.

Last year, 2013, we were able to help thousands of people as well as animals in need.

B1G1 Giving’s

If you are not familiar with Buy 1, Give 1 (B1G1), it’s basically a global business giving initiative based in Singapore. They work with businesses to provide support for charity projects around the world, helping developing nations and communities to build a better future.

Last year, thanks to transaction base giving, we were able to make the following things happen:

gift giving - Cheap Sheds

RSPCA School Children Project 2013

During 2013 the RSPCA WA was developing their Children Education Project where they teach school children the importance of taking care of animals, how to properly take care of them, and even how to grow food to feed them.

As part of the project, they built a “learning garden” where the children learn to grow their own vegetables.

Cheap Sheds made donations to the project, which included a shed for their garden.

Animals in need are as important as people in need, so we like to make sure we contribute to their cause as well. Teaching a young child to respect and love animals is vital to their upbringing. It will mean we hopefully see less cruelty towards animals in the future.

Serendipity Farm Shelter

Serendipity is a refuge for homeless animals in Queensland. The amazing team working at the shelter takes in animals that have outgrown their families or have been rejected by the commercial farms. Instead of being put down, Serendipity saves them and gives them a home. There are pigs, horses, chickens and goats, and even Humphrey the Camel.

Cheap Sheds assisted the project by helping provide as many sheds as they needed to shelter some of their animals as well as a dry place to store the feed.

Philippines Disaster

When nature takes a bad turn and causes disasters around the world, we do our best to provide the country aid.

When the Philippines was hit with Typhoon Yolanda last year, we did our research to find the best charity to send our assistance to (to ensure every cent was being used to help the typhoon victims).

We know a donation may not turn back time but it can certainly help a fallen city get back up.

All Our Charity Work is Thanks to YOU!

Our biggest charity work is actually what we do for our customers. We give the ‘Gift of Giving’ to those who shop with us.

There is no greater feeling than having selflessly provided someone aid. Customers who shop from us may not have the means or way to make a donation especially when we are living in a tough economic climate.

So we decided to give them the “Gift of Giving”. We make a donation on their behalf from the product they purchased, but it comes from our own pocket, Cheap Sheds profit. And all this is only made possible by their purchase in the first place.

We want to thank everyone who supports and shops at Cheap Sheds for making the world a better place.

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  • Michelle says:

    I just want to personally add to this post how honoured and happy I am to work with such a great company. The Gift of Giving has been the most incredible concept I have learnt and something I have received myself from Cheap Sheds.

    I love seeing the difference we can make with our contributions and it makes me feel that business really does have the power to make a difference in the world.

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