How to Brew Your Own Beer in a Garden Shed

How to Brew Your Own Beer in a Garden Shed


One of the biggest advantages of brewing beer in a shed is that it allows you to have a clean environment dedicated to brewing your beer. This is far better than a kitchen or garage because they tend to be overrun by other items and daily tasks. Let’s face it…you don’t want to brew beer in your kitchen where you prepare food nor do you want to do it in a dirty garage. If any dirt gets into your fermentation tank, then it can result in the beer being rotten and tasting awful.

Getting Prepared

Brewing beer can be a messy job so a Shed is an ideal place to set up your project. By brewing in a shed it allows you to simply hose out the shed when you need to, rather than having to scrub down a kitchen.

The process of brewing requires the beer to be stored for weeks at a time, so a shed will enable you to store a massive amount of bottles while they are waiting to cure. It also allows you to keep a number of fermentation tanks filled with beer.

What do you need?

Setting up your home brewing system in your shed won’t break the bank nor do you need to be an expert in the art of brewing. You just have to love your beer and be ready to learn.

You can buy starter kits at some large supermarkets or hardware stores for under $100. You can even find them online and have it delivered, equipment and ingredients, directly you.

If you do wish to set one up, here is what you will need:

  • A Large Pot which can hold at least 3 gallons to brew the beer in
  • A Fermenting tank – this needs to be airtight or even a plastic bucket with a lid.
  • Additional tanks or buckets to increase the amount you brew.
  • A Thermometer – A floating thermometer with a range of 0-100 C
  • Tubing & Clamp – to siphon and bottle the beer
  • A Bottle Filler – should be sized to fit on the end of your siphon tubing
  • Bottles – You need just over 2 cases of high-quality bottles that require a bottle opener, avoid twist-off bottles.
  • A Bottle Capper – a hand driven device to cap your bottles
  • Bottle Caps – New bottle caps to finish off your beer bottling
  • Sanitizer –Everything must be sanitized before use because Beer is prone to infection.
Brew beer - craft brew kit

You can get started with a Craft Brew Kit!


Depending on what you are brewing there are different ingredients for each beverage. However, you are best to buy the pre-made kits for brewing. There are so many out there, you just choose your favorites and you will get the ingredients for it.

However, if you want to master the art and create your own flavors here are the basic ingredients:

  • Malt Extract
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Priming Sugar

Brewing Process

Brewing – Malt extract and hops are boiled together first with water for an hour.

Cooling and fermenting – once the mixture has cooled down to room temperature you can transfer it to a fermenting tank or bucket. You then add extra water to the mixture and yeast.

A fermentation bucket or tank normally has a special valve on it that allows air to get in and out without the beer becoming contaminated. This allows the yeast to breakdown the sugars into alcohol.

Allow 1-2 weeks for this process.

Racking/Bottling the beer – This is the process of putting the beer into bottles ready to age. So once the beer is fully fermented, the bucket or tank can be opened and transferred into bottles. It is recommended to use a siphon for this.

Here priming sugars such as corn sugar are mixed in and then the bottles need to be capped.

The beer will continue to ferment for a brief period while it is in the bottle. It is also possible to increase the alcohol content of beer by taking the caps off of the beer. You can then put a small amount of sugar into the bottle. The bottle can then be re-bottled again.

Aging – Once the beer has been bottled it needs to age for 2-6 weeks in which the flavor of your beer is enhanced. During this time the yeast will ferment any sugar still left in the mix and naturally carbonate the beer so it’s bubbly.

So once you are ready to taste the sweet taste of your first shed brewed Beer, refrigerate the bottles till they are crisp and ice cold.


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