How to Choose a Garden Shed for My Backyard

How to Choose a Garden Shed for My Backyard


Right, so you have decided it is time to get a garden shed, right? That’s great but it’s not as simple as that. You have to decide what size you need, what features you require, where to put it, your budget and if you are going to put it up yourself or not. So I have put together this guide for you on how to choose a garden shed to meet your needs.

We now and then get customers who make the WRONG choice in a shed and have to go through the process of exchanging just like Clinton had to,

“Hi, I made a purchase at the end of last year. One of the sheds we bought was a Slimline F26. We got the shed and a couple of new bikes at the same time but after checking out the bikes properly it looks like the shed will be too narrow and we’ll have difficulty getting the bikes in and out. One bike has handlebars wider than the door opening. I now see the better shed for us would be the Slimline F36.”

But we want to help YOU avoid that hassle.

With all the things to consider it can be fairly overwhelming, we have created the following article to take you through step by step of what to think about before actually BUYING your garden shed.

STEP 1: Location & Size

How to Choose a Garden Shed - LocationAssess your backyard and all its features and decide on the safest, practical location for your shed to go. Can you access it easily? Not taking too much space?

Decided on what size you need goes hand in hand with the location.

What you are storing and how big a shed you need will determine where your shed CAN go.

One way of deciding what shed size you need is measuring the item you need to store and select a shed that will house it comfortably.

If you have more than one item combined their measurements, specifically the width which will take up floor space, and work with that for your approximate size requirements.

Please note that you need to keep about half a meter of space around the items in the shed, so you can get them easily in and out, so add that into the equation when you figure it out.

To help, we have provided the average measurements for commonly stored items;

ItemMeasurementsRecommended Shed
Lawnmower (Push & handle)W:51cm x H:41 x L:71cmEconomy Flat Roof 1.52m x 2.26m Single Door Zincalume Shed
Ride-on Lawn MowerW:100cm x H:79.8cm x L:149.4cmYardSaver G88 Gable Roof 2.8m x 2.8m Double Door Colour Shed
Adult BikesW:170 cm x H: 60cmStoremate 53 1.76m x 1.07m x 1.265m Storage Unit Colour
LadderW:20cm x H: 50cmSlimline F36 Flat Roof 2.105m x 1.07m Side Entry Colour Shed
Large Portable BBQH:113cm x W:85.7cm x D: 70cmSlimline F63 Flat Roof 2.105m x 1.07m Double Door Colour Shed
WheelbarrowW:130cm x D:50cmStoremate 53 1.76m x 1.07m x 1.265m Storage Unit Colour
KayakW:75cm x H:320cmSmartlocker 900 3.6m x 0.9m Portal Frame Colour Roller Door Shed
Quad BikeW:210cm x L:120cmECO Gable Roof 3m x 2.26m Double Door Colour Shed
WorkbenchW:110cm x D:54cm x H:140cm
Wheelie bins (2)W:53.4cm x D:46.5cm x H:65.8cmStoremate 53 1.76m x 1.07m x 1.265m Storage Unit Colour

STEP 2: DIY or Pay a PRO

You essentially have 2 options for building the garden shed:

How to Choose a Garden Shed- DIY & Pro

Will you hire a building company to build a shed? They can provide you with the designs and options of what they provide and come to your property to carry out the service. This can be costly, but if you need something very large or customised you can choose this option.

The other option is opting for a DIY Garden Shed Kit.

DIY Garden Kits are a popular and affordable choice in Australia currently. You can choose from a huge variety of pre-designed sheds, have it delivered and put it up with family or friends (or ask the local handyman to do it). These sheds are designed for the DIY market and come with easy instructions.


How to Choose a Garden Shed - Type

In today’s world, we are spoilt for choice for garden sheds. You can now buy them online and choose from a variety of sheds from steel, resin or timber.


Steel. These garden sheds are the most popular thanks to their affordable prices and a variety of choices. They come in many different sizes, heights and colours, so you can choose one to suit your needs almost exactly. (Browse Steel sheds now>>)

Resin. These are sheds made from the most durable plastic in the world and are becoming very trendy. They are lightweight, won’t rust, dent or break and due to their material have some very attractive designs.

Timber. Nothing beats the traditional timber shed. These are more of a high-end choice but are made from treated cedar, very attractive and durable. These are definitely the most beautiful sheds on the market.

STEP 4: Roof Type

How to Choose a Garden Shed - Roof type

Next, you must choose which roof type will suit you best. This does make a difference as each type of roof has its pros and one may be more suitable for the location and purpose:

Gable roof. This provides extra storage space for large items. Also great if you are going to spend a fair bit of time in the shed when a bit of headroom will help with comfort. Finally, it also allows water to run off if you have opted for a freestanding shed exposed to the weather.

Flat roof. If you are opting for a small shed to go against the home this works great for fitting under the eaves. It also provides an extra shelf on top of the shed if it is not exposed to the elements.

Skillion or Sloping roof. These are perfect for sheds built against the wall of a home, but may still be exposed to the weather. The slope provides water runoff away from the wall and of course, it also provides some extra height at the back from any longer or awkward items which need storing (surfboards).

STEP 5: Zinc of Colour

Just like choosing the design of the shed, you also have a range of colours to choose from, particularly when it comes to steel sheds.

Zinc Steel: This is the standard metallic colour you often see. This is generally cheaper than colour steel but is the exact same quality and durability. The only difference is the look and price. It’s the best choice for customers on a budget.

Colour Steel: Choosing a colour for your garden shed is always a bonus because you can match it to its surroundings or add a little colour to your backyard. If you do have the extra budget to opt for a colour, we recommend doing so.

STEP 6: Accessories & Upgrades

How to Choose a Garden Shed - Accessories and Upgrades

Lastly, and something important people forget to consider when buying a shed. It’s something they forget about until installing their shed.

And that is Accessories and Upgrades.

Sometimes it is a great idea to add a window or skylight to your garden shed, maybe even some shelving or tool holders. You can sometimes increase the wall height or change the door types as well. So it is worth looking into.

Depending on the Garden Shed brand you have chosen, make sure to check out the accessories and upgrades available for the product and consider if any of them will be important to you in the finished product.

STEP 7: Security

Most sheds will come with a latch of some sort for you to use a padlock to secure the shed. You may be required to purchase the padlock yourself, but keeping your outdoor shed securely locked when you are out is essential.

If your shed design has not come with a latch of some sort, you can easily get one from the local hardware store to install.

And that’s it! You should now have enough information to help you choose the RIGHT garden shed for your backyard.

How to Choose a Garden Shed -infographic

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