How Easy is it to Put up a DIY Shed?

How Easy is it to Put up a DIY Shed?


Here at Cheap Sheds, DIY Shed design is our business!

If you plan on getting a shed, you might want to consider purchasing something made for the DIY market.

The sheds, carports, and garages come with the complete kit including the instruction guides to make assembly a breeze (even to the inexperienced handyman). These products have been designed by engineers for the DIY market and they have also put together the guides to ensure assembly is as easy as possible.

At Cheap Sheds, we even go above and beyond to support you and your DIY project, and we put together step-by-step videos that show you how to assemble a garden shed!


Basic things to know about assembling a DIY Shed.

Team: It is best for any size shed to be assembled by two people or more, so before undertaking any work, ask someone to help you.

Time: The assembly time would depend on your skills in DIY. It could take approximately six (6) hours for a complete novice who has not had much (or any) DIY experience before.  For a competent handyman, it may only take  2-3 hours. This will also depend on the size of the shed of course.

Professional help advice: However if you are getting a handyman to install your shed, make sure you tell them at the time of quote that yours is an easy to assemble Australian made product as if you don’t, they might charge you more as imported sheds normally take twice as long to put together. You might also want to tell the tradesman that the shed comes with fully detailed instructions on assembly.

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