LIGHTS OUT! Earth Hour and How You Can Participate

LIGHTS OUT! Earth Hour and How You Can Participate


In 2012 over a billion people around the world stood in the dark in unity.  Their lights were switched off to make a statement and raise awareness about climate change. This action is part of the movement called Earth Hour and has been happening each year since 2007.

Earth Hour is a movement, which was brought to life in Sydney and takes place each year on a global scale. It was created to bring people together to take action against climate change. One night a year they show their concern for the environment by switching off their lights for an hour.

The world is facing many environmental challenges but change is possible, which is why Cheap Sheds gets behind the movement each year. As a company, we are constantly doing what we can to help the environment such as our commitment to being a paperless company.

Approximately 6525 cities around the world participated last year and this year the numbers are expected to be even greater.

If you want to join us to make a difference, you can become apart of the Earth Hour movement this Saturday night the 23rd of March. All you have to do is switch off your lights at 8:30pm wherever you are for an hour.

If you would like to do more for the cause please do not stop once the lights are back on… you can visit the Earth Hour website and see what  you can do to help or I have provided you with 10 tips below to get you started:

  1. Opt for riding, walking or using public transport once a week to work
  2. Dispose of your used batteries properly
  3. Make sure you turn lights off in rooms you are not using at home
  4. Use reusable bags when shopping
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Buy a reusable bottle for your water instead of buying plastic bottled water every day
  7. Pick up that piece of trash flying past you down the beach
  8. Recycle
  9. Take shorter showers
  10. If you live in an apartment perhaps buy a plant for the balcony

We believe that if we all get together, companies and individuals, we can make a difference and see to it that we have a sustainable future.

Remember LIGHTS OUT!

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