Why Choose Australian Made Garden Sheds

Why Choose Australian Made Garden Sheds


Choosing a garden shed was an easy task up until about 5 years ago. Since then, imported garden sheds have started to appear on the Australian market and as a result, there is a lot more options to look out for now.

Let me explain. I am not a protectionist myself, I believe there is room for imported goods and I am a fan of the whole ‘global economy’ idea. However, when it comes to garden sheds,

Australian made Garden sheds are regarded as the best of the best worldwide

… so why would you want to go into a hassle with an imported shed when you can access the Australian made sheds at affordable prices?

Guess what?

Americans, Europeans and many other countries around the world pay premium prices for Australian made garden sheds as they are considered to be the finest quality out there. The same garden sheds are very easily accessible for us here in Australia and we don’t have to transport them halfway around the globe to get them.

Here is the thing, overseas manufacturers are trying to copy what the Australian big guns do, but it could potentially take them decades to catch up.

We all hear the horror stories of imported sheds

  • leaking all over the place
  • blown away by the first breeze
  • Panels and parts don’t fit or line up
  • No pre-drilled holes

At cheapsheds.com.au we specialise in Australian made garden shed kits and workshops.  Our major brand steel sheds are:

  • Australian made
  • Uses Australian Steel
  • Are well known for their durability
  • Manufactured to Australian standards

Have You Ever Wondered How Garden Sheds Are Made

The top Australian manufacturers with decades of experience in Australia are:

Absco Sheds
Spanbilt Sheds

I have prepared a table for you below on how the top Australian garden sheds compare to each other (This is based on my years of experience working with sheds).

Feature Absco EasyShed Spanbilt
Australian Made Yes – Brisbane Yes – Albury Yes – Brisbane
Assembly System SNAP – TiTE 5 Step Assembly Fasttrak
Pre-punched Holes Yes No Yes
Sheet Thickness – Core 0.30mm 0.35mm 0.25mm / 0.30mm
Sheet Thickness – Coated 0.35mm 0.40mm 0.30mm / 0.35mm
Anchors Included By Default No No Yes
Standard Wind Rating W41 (C1) W33 (N2) W41 (C1)
Single Panel Width 750mm 750mm 375mm
Shed Height at walls (general) 1800mm 1800mm 1680mm
Extra Height Extension Some models All Models to 1980mm or 2100mm Some models
Colour choices Up to 5 Colours Up to 25 Colours Up to 8 Colours
‘Lock On’ Channels Yes No No
Guttering option No Yes No
Sliding Door Upgrade No Yes No
Timber Flooring Option Yes No No
Cyclonic Upgrade Yes No Yes

So when researching for your next project, Consider Australian Made Garden sheds, as their quality and durability never fail.

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