What Makes Us Proud this Australia Day?

What Makes Us Proud this Australia Day?


As we are getting ready for Australia Day on the 26th of January it seems like a perfect time for us to celebrate the things that are great. And we here at Cheap Sheds are celebrating ‘Australian Made’ Products.

We are not only proud to be supporters of local production but damn proud to be supplying Australians with quality products.

Now, I’m NOT using this post to boast about our products being ‘Australian made’, nor are we against globalization or the importation of products. However, I want to share with you some reasons why we choose to work with local suppliers and how it benefits our customers. The reason is fairly simple; it gives us the peace of mind that our customers are receiving sheds that have been designed specifically to withstand the Australian harsh weather conditions.

Its common knowledge that countries all around the globe can experience vastly different weather patterns which is why our suppliers build our sheds with our climate in mind. Even our New Zealand Cheap Sheds have been adapted to meet their climatic needs.

This brings me to a cause for concern…

Fighting the Fakes

Unfortunately, there are a fair few sheds being imported from China and these are creeping into thousands of Australian homes. We have heard horror stories of sheds…

  • Being blown away with the first gust of wind to pick up
  • Roofs leaking so badly that people have indoor shed pools
  • Peeling and fading of paint as soon as it’s exposed to our sun

What’s worse is that these B grade quality sheds are sometimes not clearly marked off where they were produced, so the buyer has no idea.

Yes, they can be really cheap and look the part; some will even do the job you need it for. If that’s the case then no worries, we are glad they do have a use. But our concerns are for those who are losing their belongings or wasting money because they have been fooled by the cheap models.

We sent Krisztian from Cheap Sheds, to one of our suppliers to demonstrate the difference between ‘Australian Made’ and the cheaply made imported brands.

You can watch the video footage yourself and see the comparison below…

Inferior Imports

Absco Sheds

Made from Mild SteelMetal Sheets made of High tensile BlueScope Steel
  • Any pressure will leave denting or damage which cannot be fixed
  • You can cut through the metal with standard kitchen scissors
  • It maintains its shape and doesn’t dent easily
  • Too solid to cut through with scissors
All parts secured with screwsSnap lock features
  • This increases the workload
  • Increase the risk of mistakes and misaligned panels
The frames have a snap-lock system which reduces the number of screws required and increases stability
Many separate parts and panelsFewer parts and panels
  • Assembly is harder and takes longer
  • Risk of gaps which leads to leaking
Larger panels and parts to reduce leaking and increase ease of assembly
Not built with the weather in mindBuilt to withstand Aussie weather
Sheds not engineered with wind ratings nor cyclone ratingsWind and cyclone rated sheds

We support quality imports but we do hope to see these cheaper models disappear from shelves soon.

I can honestly say on behalf of our team, that we are proud of our ‘Australian Made’ products and we promise to continue to supply quality sheds to our country.

 Happy Australia Day!Australia Day - flag

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