The BEST Aussie Sheds

The BEST Aussie Sheds


Australians are obsessed with their sheds and why not? They are a big part of our culture and the love affair flows deep.

You can find sheds in all our backyards. They are used as a place to escape to; a place to house our most beloved tools, they feature frequently in TV Ads (who can forget the Carlton Draft ad), bands have been named after them (‘The Sheds”), and even a Men’s health group has been dubbed ‘Men’s Sheds’. I myself love the whole business of sheds and the magnificent things we can do with these small buildings.

One of the biggest things we have discovered in recent years is that Aussies are very creative and innovative when it comes to how they use their sheds.  In the past 1o years, we have seen customers turn sheds into…

  • Man Caves so fathers and husbands can escape the kids and wives
  • Bat Caves for kids to escape their parents
  • Drum Studios for the next BIG thing to hit the X-Factor
  • Space Observatories for budding astronomers
  • Chooky Hotels for their feathery friends

So naturally Cheap Sheds launched a competition to find the ‘Best Aussie Sheds’ around the country and have re-run it a few times. We heard so many different stories and ways people have used their sheds.

We also have gathered stories and photos from our 10 years in business and have put them in an article library for all our guests to see:

We also have a neat graphic displaying the best Aussie sheds we have come across:

aussie sheds - infographic

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