Absco Shed Blanket – Insulate Your Garden Shed

Absco Shed Blanket – Insulate Your Garden Shed


Absco Sheds are not only the market-leading manufacturer of garden sheds but also a leading innovator in the industry. One of the recent accessories that they brought to the market is the ABSCO SHED BLANKET™. One of the things I find working in the shed in summer is that it gets so hot in there that it becomes very uncomfortable after a while.

Some of the workshops with double and single doors can be ventilated better but the roof still heats up and transfers a large amount of heat into the shed. To minimize this effect, this new Absco accessory is basically an insulation “blanket” that covers the roof and minimizes roof condensation, and help you to keep your shed cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Absco Shed Blanket - Smooth Finish

Absco Shed Blanket – Smooth Finish

We are used to easy installation from Absco and this product is no different. The installation should take place after the final construction stage of the shed. Securing the ABSCO SHED BLANKET™ to the underside of the roof. No extra hardware is required as you can use the existing screws that hold the roof section in place. The screws need to be installed first to align the holes in order to allow for the easy reinstallation of the shed blanket.
Each roll of ABSCO SHED BLANKET™ when installed will run up one side of the roof pitch and down the other side of the pitch of the roof.

Absco Shed Blanket - secured to the ridge

Absco Shed Blanket – secured to the ridge

Each roll is 3,2m x 1.5m and here are the quantities that different Absco Sheds require:

15151SK, 15151GK,15141RK1
23151SK, 23151GK, 23141RK1
15081SK, 23081SK, 30082SK1
23231GK, 23221RK2
30152SK, 30152GK, 30142RK2
30232GK, 30222RK, 30222DK2
30302GK, 30292RK, 30292HK2
60303WK, 60303HK, 3060UTK, 3060HK4

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