John Skretowicz – My Shed – Absco Premier 3m x 3m

John Skretowicz – My Shed – Absco Premier 3m x 3m


Name: John Skretowicz
Location: Basin VIC
Type Of Shed: Absco Premier 3m x 3m Pale Eucalypt
Story: You want a story on MY SHED; I’ll give you a story alright.

One fine afternoon I was basking in the warm sun and thought to myself -“self you need a shed” and as always I agreed with myself, so that was settled.

“Where will I put it,” I asked? There was a perfect spot but the kids’ cubby house was there.

“Why not knock down the cubby,” I asked myself, “the kids are gone and they don’t use it anymore” (mind you, they are both in their thirties now and have not lived at home for yonks) so the demolishing of the cubby started.

Absco Premier - demolished
Off came the tin roof, off came the weatherboard walls, the Masonite interior walls, out with the timber flooring, and then to the framework.

Well, butter me both sides when it came to the framework all I could do was smash everything as I had built it so solidly that hurricane Tracy would not have moved it, no wonder it lasted well over 20 years. After 2 days of demolishing and trips to the tip it was done……ahh the site was bare.

Now the fun part, picking a shed.

Once I had decided on an Absco shed I said to myself “Why don’t you get on the net and check out sizes and prices John” (my name is John so I knew I was speaking to the right person).”Good idea I thought”.

A 3×3 Premier 30301GK Shed with a written 20-year warranty in Pale Eucalypt was my pick. Why pale eucalypt did you ask? Well, it blends very well with the garden and most importantly it goes with my eyes. You see I have brown eyes (steady on) my eye, eyes are brown and when I stand near my shed I really look cool.

(you know with the brown and pale eucalypt complimenting one another…. even Brad Pitt would be jealous I bet). I am such a cool dude now, I might have to get myself a pale eucalypt jumpsuit next. (for when I stand near my shed with my eyes)
Back to the facts…looking, looking, and looking on the net. What’re these Cheap Sheds have a great price for my shed and a BONUS to boot. “You little beauty,” I said to me again.”Great price, free anchors and a free skylight this is the one for me”. So buy it I did, and then I complimented myself on a great deal I got.

Bing… you have mail, my computer informed me. Mmmmm Cheap Sheds confirming my order. Bing again… later the same day, this time Cheap Sheds advising that I should expect the delivery within, I think, it was by about 10 days. Bing on the 2nd day and it was Cheap Sheds sending me instructions and videos on how I should install My shed ” Hey this mob is good ” I said to myself. (I talk to me a lot)

Well, shiver my timbers if on the 3rd day I don’t get a call from the transport company advising me MY SHED was here in Melbourne and would I like to collect it.

“You little ripper I’ll be down in the next hour”. I flew down to the transport company with my trailer attached to get my precious cargo, I hit 60 k’s an hour at times (you see I took the Freeway hence the fast speed!…good things Freeways if it wasn’t for all the cars)

Well my baby was home and this SNAPTiTE assembly made it a piece of cake to put together (I like chocolate cake …you guessed it …because it goes with my eyes)

Had a mate help me put it up….it was a breeze to put up. Till the roof. dum da dum dum. “What was wrong with the roof?” you ask yourself …you know how I know you asked yourself that question ….well I have this camera you see and I’m watching you read this…so be careful what you think…I can seeeee youuuu.

NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE STUPID ROOF….it’s just that some smartie assembled it the wrong way around, even after watching the videos and reading the instructions.

I was on the phone straight away “Hello Cheap Sheds I have this problem” I said. They said, ” You might be better off speaking to ABSCO themselves they have more technical knowledge, here is their number”. Well the rep from ABSCO was most helpful and PROBLEM SOLVED the roof was re assembled and installed the right way. (tell you what… that SNAP TiTE system really locks tight)

MY SHED is up and looking beautiful (it really does go well with my eyes) it is slowly starting to fill up. It now baby sits my mower, brushcutter, blower and chainsaw and the wheelbarrow and now the good wife wants a cupboard in MY SHED so she can put her jars in there….imagine jars yuk a mans embarrassing.

She should get a shed of her own and make it a girlie shed.(She’s got blue eyes ..I wonder what colour shed she would get?)

Oh gotta tell you. My darling is a smoker (unfortunately) but she smokes outside and has a good view of MY SHED, so the other night I took all our solar garden lights and put them around MY SHED so she could see it in the dark…. it looked ace all lit up. She reckons I’m mad and made me put the lights back.(spoil sport)

So here I sit now with my brown eyes adoring my Pale Eucalypt shed and having a quiet beer waiting for my matching jumpsuit to arrive…..this is heaven every man should have a Cheap Sheds shed.

Here are a couple of photos showing you how great MY SHED looks

Absco Premier - John Skretowicz
Absco Premier - Some of the new boarders

Absco Premier- garden shed

Absco shed - link to store

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