Absco Ezislim Is The Newest Slim Storage Shed On The Market

Absco Ezislim Is The Newest Slim Storage Shed On The Market


Absco, one of the largest steel garden shed manufacturers on the World has recently released their 2 newest model the Absco Ezislim.

It is their 2 smallest size storage shed along one of their Spacesaver models. Only 0.78m x 1.52m and even smaller the 0.78 x 0.78 model.

They are designed to fit into the tiniest places or corners in the backyard. You see, the great thing about this small storage unit is that the single hinged door which is 0.75m wide is actually on the narrow side of the shed making it easy to access and still provide great deepness to fit things into it comfortably.

While the same size Spacesaver shed has skillion roof, the Ezislim storage shed comes with flat roof and 1.95m wall height. The Absco range garden sheds have standard 1.8m wall height expect the Highlander models so the extra wall height is a great feature of the Ezislim.

And of course, just for the peace of mind it also comes with 20 years written manufacturer’s warranty.

It is also manufactured from high-quality Australian made Bluescope steel same as the rest of the Absco range and available in Zincalume and Colorbond colours (Classic Cream or Pale Eucalypt).


Absco Ezislim

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