Bike Storage- Why You Need a Bike Shed And What Types Are Available

Bike Storage- Why You Need a Bike Shed And What Types Are Available


Bike storage is a hot topic at the moment and finding safe and secure storage for bicycles can be a hassle. They are awkward items, which don’t need a large space but take up room in your garage. They are generally always in the wrong place and cause injury or worse, they get damaged!

We also invest a lot of money on our bikes (all types) and it’s a shame when they are damaged.

Most of the time they are damaged because of the awkward storage arrangement they have in your home.

But it doesn’t need to be so hard!

A Bikeshed is perfect for keeping your bicycles

  • Out of the way
  • Secure from theft
  • Kept in good condition

I have put together some of the best bike sheds below.

Just think, no more broken toes, scratched up or ruined bikes, PLUS plenty of room to walk around freely in your garage and home.

bike storage - Absco Bike ShedBIKE STORAGE SHEDS

There are several types of storage solutions for bikes, such as hanging them in the garage or on a wall. But a bike shed is the easiest as it means less heavy lifting and gives a fully enclosed solution.  you are after some undercover storage which

A bike shed provides a space that,

  1. Won’t take up much room
  2. Will get your bikes out from your garage
  3. Removes them from your entertainment area

Bike storage sheds come in both Steel or Resin options which give you a few choices of style and features.

Manufacturers such as Spanbilt and Absco have some great bike sheds which have versatile openings and don’t take up too much room. These products are made from Steel and sheds are made in Australia.

Storemate Shed by Spanbilt

bike storage - Spanbilt StoreMate

Economy Bike Shed by ABSCO

bike storage - economy bike shed

Ezislim by Absco

bike storage - Ezislim

All these sheds provide big enough storage for bikes. They can house one or two bikes neatly and safely without overcrowding your yard. They will protect your bikes from the weather and damage from knocks and pets.

They are affordable DIY solutions and in the long run, save you a lot of money
(your bikes and equipment will last longer!)

Cheap Sheds Bike Sheds - link to store

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  • Martin says:

    Those sheds look nice. I just hope they would actually fit into my kid’s bedroom since he likes storing his bike there. Eventually, we had to convince him to store it in the garage since the kids’ storage space in their bedroom is not enough anymore.

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