Storage solutions for those awkward household items

Storage solutions for those awkward household items


In our home there tend to be a few items that seem to multiply in numbers over the years. They start to take over the house because it’s hard to find the perfect storage solution for their awkward shapes and large amounts.

In this article, you will find 5 of the most annoying household items which either grow in numbers or are so awkward in shape that they are hard to store and cause clutter and injury!


awkward household items - shoesOh yes, ladies (and gentlemen) this is the age-old problem. Shoe storage can get out of hand and if space is limited they end up on top of each other forming shoe mountains. This epidemic can get so bad that you start to forget what shoes you have and may end up with two of a kind!

Luckily there are many neat storage ideas for shoes and here are 9 outstanding ways to get your shoes into order and make them more accessible>>

CDs and DVDs

awkward household items - dvdsYour CD and DVD collections tend to grow to a mammoth amount and they often spread to all the nooks and crannies, to every room and in every car you own. Sometimes it feels like they are taking over your home. These days we are able to watch or listen to DVDs and CDs in any room of the home so it’s hard to keep them in order.

But no longer! With some simple organization and tips, you can have them all in easy and manageable storage space. Follow the following steps to help return your home to order >>

Pots and Pans

awkward household items - potsPots and Pans are some of the most awkward items to store in the kitchen. They come in many shapes and sizes, handles or no handles and some are heavy and others light. You use them daily so they need to be accessible but when they are piled up on top of each other they always end up clanking on the floor or causing you injury.

So to help solve your pots and pans storage nightmare, we highly recommend you start by checking out these awesome ideas>>

15 Creative Ideas To Organize Pots And Pans Storage On Your Kitchen

Kids Toys

awkward household items - kids' toysFor mothers and fathers who have kids at home, you are familiar with the toy infestation that has taken over your home. Kids’ toys seem to quadruple in thin air and can be found all over the house. And as the years’ progress toys grow in numbers that soon cover every inch of the floor.

However, if you plan well and introduce some cool and easy storage solutions for toys you may find your home return to normal. And as an extra bonus, you may notice the kids tidying up their mess themselves.

It all starts with finding the best toy storage solution for you, and who better to help guide you than the “Better Homes and Gardens” experts. Have a look through the following article and see if there are any ideas that appeal to you>>


awkward household items - bikesBicycles are amongst the hardest items to store at home. They are big, awkward, and not easy to just ‘put away’. They are often used daily or on the weekend so they need to be easy to access. This is why they are often left standing against the side of the house or tucked in next to your cars in the garage.

People living in small units or apartments have to find storage solutions for their bikes inside their homes; this becomes an even greater challenge.

And what about when your family starts to grow? Then you may have more than a couple of bikes of different sizes to find a home for.

The good news is that there are many cycling obsessed experts out there who have come up with great and easy DIY bike solutions. Browse through the options and see which one will suit your living situation best>>

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