Bedroom Storage Solutions for Your Expanding Needs

Bedroom Storage Solutions for Your Expanding Needs


Bedroom storage, there’s never enough of it. No matter how big the room is, there never seems to be enough space for your clothes, especially if you share the room with a significant other. And everyone knows that throwing all of your clothes over that one poor chair in the corner is only a temporary, not so effective solution.

And besides, the bedroom should be a clutter-free space. It’s an intimate oasis imbued with love, peace, and serenity, which is very difficult to achieve with clothes idly lying around everywhere, making a mess both physically and psychologically.

The time has come to reassess your wardrobe needs and options. 

Dressing Room

bedroom storage - Dressing Room

Have you moved into an older home to find you just don’t have enough bedroom storage in the master?

This a very common issue and one that can be overcome by a few options discussed in this article. However, a dressing room is by far the most appealing if possible.

Do you have a spare room sitting idly by, if YES, why not transform it into a wardrobe and declutter your bedroom?

Obviously, everyone dreams of having an entire room for their clothes, shoes, and accessories, all meticulously laid out as if you were in an early 2000s episode of Cribs. With a spare room, it is absolutely possible to create a wardrobe dressing room. Add some shelves, freestanding racks, and even a sofa for comfort!

The great thing is, if you utilize the space without too many changes made to the existing room, you can transform it back to a bedroom at the end of the day.

Traditional Free Standing Wardrobe

bedroom storage - free standing wardrobe

Another option to add more bedroom storage is the traditional free standing wardrobe.  They can be bulky but if you can position one in the room it can provide that much-needed extra space.

They tend to have some great designs which can add to your room’s decor and the great thing is, you can take it with you if you move.

Hidden Wardrobes for Small Rooms

bedroom storage - hidden storage ideas

If you live in an apartment and need some versatile wardrobe storage, you can consider installing a hidden wardrobe. Sounds a little sketchy I know but it is possible and has great benefits. You are ideally turning unused space into storage. 

Examples of hidden bedroom storage:

  • A sliding under-bed wardrobe, which could be made up of drawers or even baskets for a cheaper DIY solution. This would be great for items like shoes and jumpers.
  • Vertical storage behind the door. You can hang pockets and hooks behind a wardrobe door to use for scarfs, shoes, ties, belts, bags etc.
  • Under the staircase of your home, you can pop some shelves for those winter jackets or boots you need when walking out the door.

Built-in Wardrobes for Your Future Home

bedroom storage - built-in wardobes

Finally, if you are building or considering buying a new home. The built-in wardrobe is a feature you should insist on and look for when checking out the bedroom storage for all the rooms.

Many new builds in the Australian housing market include built-in wardrobes as a standard feature now. The appeal of these wardrobes is that they seamlessly follow the design of the room without taking up much space.

Versatility and functionality are the goals and they provide permanent storage that has been worked into the design of the bedroom.

Additionally, you can add well-designed sliding wardrobe doors and complete the look of the entire bedroom. It is also a great plus if there is a mirror on the doors because it can visually expand your room and give it more light.


A wardrobe is an essential amenity and no bedroom can do without one.

However, a word of warning. Expanding your bedroom storage might sound amazing and buying a new free-standing cupboard will certainly give you more room but in reality, is it practical?

Some people stick to several key pieces of clothing and never actually wear everything else. On the other hand, having a new partner move in, sometimes means you have to find room in the wardrobe for both of you, which may not exist.

So you must ask yourself, is it time to declutter or time to expand? 

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