11 Tips to Declutter the Kitchen and Pantry

11 Tips to Declutter the Kitchen and Pantry


Having a tidy kitchen space makes life so much easier. From knowing how to get rid of mold on walls and how to store cleaning products safely to using stylish wicker baskets and clever hanging spaces, there are some really neat ways to decluttering the kitchen.

Here are My 11 Top Tips to Declutter the Kitchen and Pantry:

  1. Have a clear out. Go through all of your drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Remove the old stuff and things that you don’t need. Take it all out and put on the countertop or table for easy sorting. Whilst everything’s empty, take the opportunity to give your storage a good clean too.

  2. Use drawer dividers. These are brilliant for arranging cutlery and gadgets. They’re also ideal for those bits and pieces we all seem to have lying around, like elastic bands and tape.

  3. Regularly organize your fridge. It’s all too easy for things to find their way to the back and get forgotten about. Two things happen when we do that: you end up with a packed fridge unnecessarily, and things go out of date. Keep a close eye on the contents of your fridge and both problems get solved.

  4. Store similar items in the same place. Whether it’s food or cooking equipment, group them together. Don’t mix and match, or you’ll never find what you need straight away.

  5. Use baskets on open shelves. This is a really good way of combing style and function. You can tidy and group together all the small bits in your kitchen, and the wicker looks great too – perfect for that country kitchen vibe.

  6. Keep cleaning products safe. Kitchens don’t just need decluttering; they need regular cleaning too. Things like knowing how to get rid of mold and how to remove dangerous bacteria from work surfaces will help keep your kitchen hygienic. Just make sure you secure the cleaning products away from small hands and, of course, food.

  7. Make the most of hanging spaces. Use wall space to hang kitchen utensils and pans rather than scattering them on worktops. Hooking them up will give your kitchen a rustic look, and lets you access what you need quickly.

    Declutter the Kitchen - hang kitchecn utensils

  8. Store cooking equipment close to the stove. You’ll readily have everything you need to hand this way. An organized cook is a more relaxed cook.

  9. Rotate groceries by date. Similar to with your fridge, the more you have, the more things get pushed to the back of cabinets. When you put new groceries into your cupboards make sure you pull the older ones forward. Always organize these by expiration date to avoid waste.

  10. Use plastic containers. Bulky items like boxes of cereal, rice, and pasta can take up loads of room and block other items. Scattered pots of herbs and spices make it hard to find which one you want. Using clear boxes is a great way of being able to see exactly what you’ve got in your pantry and save some space too.

  11. Keep worktops clear. Or at least have a designated ‘clutter-free’ area for food prep. Don’t store stuff on worktops, otherwise, when you come to cook you’ll spend more time moving things around and cleaning than making your meals!

Whether it’s knowing how to best store your cooking accessories or how to keep your fridge and pantry organized, it’s easy to keep your kitchen in order as long as you have a plan. Now that you’ve got our top tips … it’s time to go declutter your kitchen and get organizing.

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