5 Benefits of Self-Sufficient Modular Homes

5 Benefits of Self-Sufficient Modular Homes


We are all familiar with prefabricated homes, which were meant to withstand any weather condition. However, they have in the past received a bad reputation. Nowadays, those prefab homes are called ‘modular homes’ and have come a long way in their innovation and evolvement.

Today, modular homes are not only built to last, but they demonstrate all the latest trends in green building, decor and technology. Such homes aim to have,

  • Net zero emissions
  • Solar panels
  • Use recycled materials
  • Collect rainwater.

So, let’s take a closer look at these homes and which benefits they bring to the table.

Saving Water

It is a known fact that we waste plenty of water each day. We even waste plenty of energy on water consumption and that’s exactly what modular homes aim to reduce.

Self-sufficient modular homes use water heating systems based on solar power, reducing energy consumption in your home. What is more, such homes often have systems that reduce heat loss from pipes. They group together the areas that need water the most, which means including shorter water pipes, and reducing heat loss. Additionally, there are some homes that feature an underground well in the yard, for a fresh supply of drinkable water.

Lower Bills

Modular Homes - lower bills

Just like with water, we use plenty of electricity on a daily basis. For this reason, our bills get too high sometimes, because we have the power for heating, cooling, cooking, water heating, and whatnot. However, self-sufficient modular homes can reduce energy consumption by up to 72%.

So, what exactly makes our bills drop by so much?

Well, these homes are powered via solar panels, reducing the energy consumed through regular grids. Also, some modular homes include energy batteries that can store solar energy and use it when you actually need it. So, if you are looking to build your own energy-saving features in a modular home, you can look for panels and batteries from innovative providers like Skylight Energy. Not only will those new features look great, but they will make sure your bills are up to three quarters smaller.

Lastly, self-sufficient modular homes include LED and CFL light bulbs, which can significantly change the amount of energy consumed each day. Plus, these homes are well insulated with cladding systems, double glazed windows, and doors, which besides preserving energy, can significantly improve the acoustics of a home.

Reduced waste

Modular Homes - reduced waste

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of self-sufficient modular homes. These homes are built in factories and everything is specifically measured and used, so there is no excess material left. Also, modular homes are built and assembled according to strict guidelines. All this reduces waste by significant amounts, both in factories and on-site.

So, if you opt for living in a modular home, you can be sure that you are causing no harm to the environment.


Modular Homes - sustainability

Another huge benefit these homes bring to the table is sustainability. Self-sufficient modular homes and their walls, insulation, and roofs are built with recycled building materials. Most of them use FSC certified timber for the internal panels and roofs.

Also, most modular home manufacturers use Structural Insulating Panel System in order to provide quality insulation which preserves the energy inside, minimizing waste.

The Overall Health of a Home

Today, the overall health of a home is important.

We tend to eliminate as many toxins as possible through air purifiers and green materials and fabrics. However, modular homes take the health of a home to another level. Modular houses focus on clean and green energy and they use low- or non-VOC materials. This is a great improvement over the years since most traditional homes and buildings include features such as PVC cement, refrigerators, and plywood that contain VOC, which release toxins into the air, affecting everyone’s health. That is why modular homes are focused on removing those toxins and providing many benefits, including green roofs.

As you can see, self-sufficient modular homes have a lot to offer. From sturdy, eco-friendly materials, to lower bills due to excellent control of energy and electricity use. So, when buying or building your new home, keep these benefits in mind and think twice before you engage in any projects and renovations.

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