Top 3 Indoor Vegetable Gardening Ideas for Small Homes

Top 3 Indoor Vegetable Gardening Ideas for Small Homes


The green movement advocates sustainable, eco-friendly living, which includes recycling and upcycling materials, walking or cycling to work, and growing your own food. Many environmental advocates show how easy it is to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and even flowers right in your own home.

A community garden or a vegetable patch on your lawn sounds lovely, but what if you live in the city without a patch of green nearby, or in a tiny apartment with little to no space for gardening? Can you still have your own indoor garden and harvest your own food? Our answer is a resounding yes.

Of course, the kinds of plants and vegetables you can grow in your apartment or balcony would depend on your environmental conditions. Things such as the climate and amount of sun you get will dictate which plants will be more suitable for your garden.

Here are three of the best vegetable gardening ideas for small spaces!

Vertical Vegetable Gardening.

Vegetable Gardening Ideas - why it's popular

Vertical gardens are steadily gaining ground (or wall, for that matter) in many urban spaces that lack a horizontal space to grow food on. Vertical gardening is popular among apartment dwellers with a limited floor area but with a good amount of sunlight.

Limited Sunshine

If your apartment or balcony space doesn’t get enough sunshine because you’re surrounded by taller buildings, you can grow leafy vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce, which thrive well with limited sunlight.

Plenty of Sunshine

If you’re one of the lucky ones who get an abundance of sunlight most of the year, then you can even grow potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, beans, and radishes.

Growing plants in a vertical garden can be done using

  • Shelves
  • Wall-mounted trellises
  • Peg boards
  • Hanging baskets.

You can also DIY and use containers with adequate drainage and position them in such a way that the plants would get enough sunlight, good air circulation, and would allow you to water them as needed.

How to Use Containers.

Vegetable Gardening Ideas - how to use containers

Do you have some old clay pots, plastic egg trays, or other small containers around?

You can do container gardening–just make sure you modify the containers so that it has adequate drainage. With these simple containers and quality potting mix, you can grow your own food such as peppers, spinach, leaf lettuce, peas,

Learn more tips on container gardening here> Top 7 Container Gardening Tips for Beginners

Many seed companies also offer smaller vegetable varieties specially developed for urban gardeners with limited space. These include cabbage, okra, watermelon, cucumber, and squash.

You don’t even have to start from seeds–visit your local nursery and find flowering plants, herbs, and vegs already in containers, ready for harvesting in a few weeks’ time. Even if you are not going to be eating the harvested greens right away, you can store them in multi-use plastic storage containers to keep them fresh.

Invest in a small, modular greenhouse.

Vegetable Gardening Ideas - invest on small modular greenhouse

One of the innovations in DIY food growing is the modular greenhouse, which comes in various configurations and sizes. Some are packed with features such as rainwater collection, composting, solar power generation, automatic vents, and grow lights.

We hope those ideas inspire you to get started with your own indoor garden.

So if you are living in a small home why not try out your green thumb and start an indoor vegetable garden.

What would you like to grow in your indoor garden?

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