Indoor Garden Design Ideas to Bring Some Greenery into Your Space

Indoor Garden Design Ideas to Bring Some Greenery into Your Space


Whether you live in a small unit or apartment with no outdoor garden space, you can bring the best of the outdoors inside with an indoor garden. Of course, you need to know what to do and how to execute your game plan properly.

So that you know how to go about designing the perfect indoor garden for your home, we have put together some ideas that are sure to put you in the mood to get creative.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Indoor Garden - masor jar herb garden

A mason jar herb garden is one way to have an indoor garden that immediately revitalizes whatever room you put it in.

Creating it is actually easier than you might think. You’ll need mason jars, a piece of wood upon which you’ll fix the mason jars, some clamps to hold the jars onto the wood, and some nails or screws to anchor the clamps onto the board.

  1. After you’ve assembled the equipment you’ll need, figure out the jar placement on the board.
  2. Then you’ll want to nail the clamps onto the board and slip the mason jars in so that the clamps secure them properly. After this, you’ll need to add dirt to the jars and put in whatever herb seeds you want.
  3. After you’ve done this, you can label the board so that you know what herb is in what mason jar.
  4. The last step is to secure the board containing the mason jars to a wall.

And, with some water and a bit of time, you’ll soon have a full-fledged herb garden.

Hanging Pots

Indoor Garden - hanging pots

Creating an inside garden is easy if you know what to do. You can suspend some pots from the ceiling of your kitchen. All you’ll need to do is add some hooks to the ceiling in your kitchen. Then you’ll want to use rope, string, or anything else to connect one pot per ceiling hook. Add soil and whatever type of plants or flowers you fancy. Done right, this technique will transform whatever room it’s in into an indoor oasis of living green.

Fortunately, your water needs won’t be as great with your indoor garden, which means that you won’t have to worry about sage outdoor garden advice such as “don’t water in the wind.” This will help you to conserve water and get a great indoor garden at the same time.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Indoor Garden - wall-mounted storage

Why hang pictures on the wall when you can convert any wall into a wall of plants and flowers? Yes, it’s possible to use wall-mounted storage to place flower pots and plant pots.

Use your creativity and select a wide range of vegetation of all sorts of color schemes and fragrances to make your wall come alive, to your mood a boost, and to beautify your living space. Once you set up the wall-mounted storage, just make sure that the pots you have will fit the storage unit.

Whether in your living room, den, or family room, your wall-mounted garden will turn into quite the conversation piece as you bring the best of the outdoors indoors.

Tea Cup Herb Garden

Indoor Garden - tea cup her garden

This is a really easy one. Just get some nice teacups, especially those that have matching saucers, and then add some dirt and seeds to the teacups. You can put them on the kitchen window ledge or anywhere else where you want an indoor garden to delight the senses.

Repurposed Bedroom Dresser

Indoor Garden - repurposed dresser

Now, this one is unorthodox, but a bedroom dresser can play an important role in your indoor garden. You can strategically open drawers and add plants to them so that a drab old piece of furniture gets a new lease of life.

Use your creativity to add your favourite houseplants in the drawers and on the surface of the dresser so that what you end up with is a little slice of the great outdoors in the great indoors.

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