How To Keep Your Indoor Plants Happy

How To Keep Your Indoor Plants Happy


Having live plants inside your house can give a different vibration to your home, they improve your home décor and provide a warmer and more energetic feel to the environment.

If you really think about it, there is no such thing as an indoor plant, naturally, every plant grows outdoors. There are plants that happily live inside as well, but they all prefer to grow outside in suitable climatic conditions. So if you are having trouble keeping your indoor plants healthy, you are not alone.

One of the main ingredients to happy indoor plants is sunshine.

Most of the plants don’t require direct light, natural light through the window is sufficient, however, it is best to select the right plants for the light level of your room though.

indoor plants - enough sunshine

If the spot where you keep your plants is quite dark, let’s say you need additional light for reading then you are better off placing plants there which have naturally dark green leaves as they tolerate lower levels of light better. As opposed to plants with colourful foliage or with light green leaves, they require plenty of natural light.

If you get the light right then the next most important thing is the water. This is where most people go wrong and kill their plants by over-watering them.

Make sure you only water your plants when the soil feels dry and never leave water sitting in the saucers under the plants, especially during winter. Too much water causes root rotting and from there it is nearly impossible to bring the plant back. Soil dries out quickly if you use an air-conditioner or heater so make sure you check it regularly.

indoor plants - fertilizer

Feeding your plants is best done with controlled-release fertilizer, but ensure you give them a break during the winter months. Make sure to keep your fertilizer out of the reach of children and pets. If you have the ability to keep it outside of your home, perhaps in your outdoor storage shed.

Cleaning the plants’ leaves should be also part of your regular plant care to wash the dust off and it can be easily done with a damp sponge, or through a gentle shower in your bathroom, or outside on a rainy day. If you do it outdoors, make sure you place your plant in a shady spot after the rain stopped, so it won’t get burnt when the sun comes out.

You can also give a holiday to your indoor plants by putting them outside during wet and cloudy weather to revive, they will really appreciate it, ensuring they don’t get too much direct sun.

For optimal health, it is recommended to repot your plants annually into a fresh potting mix.

indoor plants - potting mix

If you do all of the above, you will have great chances that your plants do not just survive in your home, but they will grow and live happily.

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  • James says:

    Some people would rather just buy silk plants for their indoor dcor. Others save themselves the trouble all together and don’t buy any plants at all. I know plants and trees are vital to our survival and the air we breathe, but must we keep plants indoors? Does that really improve the air we breathe inside the home or office? Does it really enhance the dcor of our interior homes and offices? Ask yourself that.

    • Krisztian says:

      Hi James,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Good question. It is obviously better for the plants to be outside, however some colder areas can only have exotic plants inside as the colder winter months would kill them outside. Also it is very good to surround ourselves with plants inside as well. Having the green plants in our home brings more life into our every days.

  • Magen says:

    I think a flower or plant can survive indoors as long as you water them and the sun can shine in through a window every day. Recently, my brother left my mother a bouquet of roses for Mothers Day and those roses lasted over two weeks. I suspect this was so because the sun shines through every single morning onto the roses, which were in a vase with water. Furthermore, my mother changed the water regularly.

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