Tips or Tricks On How To Grow Organic Vegetables In Harsh Climates

Tips or Tricks On How To Grow Organic Vegetables In Harsh Climates


Being able to grow organic vegetables all year round is a difficult job by itself, and when faced with a harsh climate it seems like a far-fetched dream. The hot and dry climates in countries like Australia provide a very hostile environment for vegetables to grow all year.

This dream can be turned into reality if you follow certain tips and tricks to create an organic garden in your backyard.

Save Your Plants from Bugs

grow organic vegetables - save them from bugs

There are more bugs in the tropical climate as compared to the cold climate. Even if you try your best, you can’t shield your vegetables from the bugs. The solution here can be to grow such plants and create a specific environment for them that they attract good bugs and not the bad ones.

Yes, it is true there are some good bugs, which help the plants to grow better and transport some essential nutrients to them. Try to grow some plants that are more susceptible to attract good bugs.

Protect Your Sensitive Plants

grow organic vegetables - protect from harsh sunlight

Not all plants can survive the harsh sunlight in a country like Australia. Ensure that when the climate gets too hot, there is something to provide shade to your plant, otherwise, it won’t survive the harsh sun rays. For that, you will need a thorough plan.

If building a roof for your outdoor garden is too hard where you live, you can consider a switch to the indoor garden. 

Try Hot Weather Varieties of Your Usual Vegetables

grow organic vegetables - grow vegetables that can live in hot weather

Dry and hot climates make it very difficult to grow even the most usual vegetables as they can only take some heat from the sun and once the weather gets harsh, they ultimately give in. The best solution to avoid this would be finding the hot weather varieties of your usual vegetables.

For example, tomatoes will grow well in the dry climate, but not all varieties of tomatoes are heat tolerant. You can go for cherry tomatoes as they are stronger as compared to the large varieties. Cherry tomatoes will self-seed in the garden and can tolerate the extreme heat. Also, the bonus here is that you will find a bonus bush that has been shaded and sheltered by some bigger shrub and is loaded with fruit.

A Combination of Good and Deep Soil

grow organic vegetables - soil quality

Good soil can do wonders for your plants. In order to save your plants from the hot sun, planting vegetables in an enriched mineral soil can allow your vegetables to last a little bit longer. They are not the whole solution to your problem but can salvage the situation by giving your vegetables some extra time to mature.

They serve as the best rooting hormone for your plants. So always ensure that your vegetables are planted in good and deep soil.

Regular Moisture and the Right Position

grow organic vegetables - proper watering

Regularly watering your plants is a given but it becomes highly crucial in the case of dry and hot climates. The plants become dry very easily and at a very quick rate which is why a plant is less likely to survive in a dry climate when not provided with moisture regularly.

You need to be extra careful with the vegetables in the tropical climate. Positioning your plants in the right position is also an essential factor for your plants to survive the harsh climate. Place them in such a position that they get the adequate amount of sunlight required for their growth and also don’t face the beaming sunlight.

For this, you can position them a little facing away from the east and also some kind of shade nearby to shield them when the sunlight is too strong.

Grow the Open Leafed Kind

There are some vegetables that just can’t stand the extreme sunlight such as heating lettuce. Speaking from experience don’t try growing lettuce as they are a lost cause. It is highly advisable to grow the open leafed kind of plants in a hot climate. There are different varieties of lettuce known as tropical lettuce substitutes, but their taste is average and is slimy.

Open leafed kind and unopened flower heads can withstand the heat better than the lettuce kinds. You can go for mizuna, mibuna, tatsoi, bok choi, etc.

Introduce Exotic Dishes on the Menu

grow organic vegetables - plant organic vegetables

Try to go for some wonderful Asian exotic dishes in the summer. This way you can grow your organic vegetables in your backyard even during the harsh climate, and also you open the door to a variety of new exotic dishes.

Rather than fighting the climate, you should work with the climate. You can also go for some indoor vegetable gardening ideas to eliminate the harsh weather. Try the tips mentioned above and tricks for creating your organic garden in a harsh climate and reap the benefits.

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