What Colour to Choose for My Shed?

What Colour to Choose for My Shed?


Sheds have become an essential part of our backyards and choosing a colour can be overwhelming, especially when we are not exactly sure what we are after.

Depending on the model and manufacturer of the garden shed that you are after, there are a maximum of twenty-five (25) colours to choose from.

The Zincalume which looks simply like galvanised steel and the rest are actual colour steel panels. Paint is chemically burnt onto the steel so it won’t rust, peel or fade in any weather.

New names have cropped up for some of the colours but pretty much they are the same colours from the Colorbond palette. The following colours are the same or extremely similar:

• Classic Cream ~ Smooth Cream
• Cottage Green ~ Caulfield Green
• Pale Eucalypt ~ Mist Green
• Paperbark ~ Merino white
• Woodland Grey ~ Slate Grey


Absco works mainly on Classic Cream and Pale Eucalypt though some models would come in Paperbark, Cottage Green and Woodland Grey.

Absco Shed Colours


On the other hand, the Spanbilt YardSaver, Storemate and YardPro 1510 and 2010 models are available in Zinc, Smooth Cream, Rivergum and Slate Grey, the YardPro Portal frame workshops  come in

  1. Zinc
  2. Smooth Cream
  3. Rivergum

While most of their carports and garages come in,

  1. Caulfield Green
  2. Merino
  3. Mist Green
  4. Mountain Blue
  5. Slate Grey
  6. Wheat
Colour - Spanbilt Colours

Spanbilt Colours

The above are the colours that you can choose from. These colours will blend with the appearance of your yard giving it a substantial look.

Please note that Colorbond, Zincalume, Blue Ridge, Bushland, Dune, Headland, Ironstone, Jasper, Manor Red, Night Sky, Plantation, Sandbank, Shale Grey, Surfmist, Windspray, Classic Cream, Cottage Green, Paperbark and Pale Eucalypt are trademarks of BlueScope Steel.
If you have any comments or questions, please let us know below and we’ll get back to you very quickly. Thank you.

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  • Ricardo says:

    Obviously it’s been a while since you originally wrote the blog Krisztian and since then I note that Bluescope have released a new colour range and spanbilt has extended it’s colour range to include slate grey

    • Hi Ricardo, Thanks for the message and feedback. It was a while ago but we do have Slate Grey mentioned under Spanbilts range and it certainly is a very popular colour. Regarding the new colours from BlueScope- they are pretty cool and our manufacturers are yet to update their range with them. I have however added a note about them in the foot of the blog thanks to your prompt. We like to keep our content current so we do apprecaite your feedback

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