Different Types of Garages You Can Buy Online

Different Types of Garages You Can Buy Online


So you want to add a garage to your home but on and budget, right? Well, we have been in the online shed business for many many years and from what I know I will share with you different types of garages you can buy online.

Garages can be a large investment but going without one is risking damage to your cars and may also mean there is no place for your tools and outdoor gear.

Most houses come with a brick and mortar garage built-in, but not all. Other homeowners find that with more than 1 car they have outgrown their garage and need more space.

Does this sound like you?

It’s very common in Australia for homeowners to add either a shed, workshop, or garage to their property.

Whether you live in suburbia or on a farm, the need for garage storage and workshop space is a growing demand for Australian homeowners.

There are basically 2 types of garages you can buy and they are available online:

  1. Pre-Designed Garage Kits
  2. Custom Made Garages

Both have their benefits but before I address the 2 different types of garages you can buy online. I want to cover why it’s a GOOD idea to shop online for your garage and why it is safe ( if you follow the steps I outline).

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Why Buy Garages Online

Shopping online for large products like garages can be done safely and successfully online.

The benefits of shopping online:

  1. Shop from a range of stores
  2. Bigger range to choose from
  3. Find competitive prices and extra bonuses

If you shop from the RIGHT shed retail store you are also buying Australian Made garages which means they have been designed to meet the safety standards.

You will also get a reasonable warranty like any product and follow up service.

The key point to make is to shop from a reliable Shed company with experience and a trustworthy reputation.

If you want to learn more about how to judge a website for trust you can read more about it here>>

Warning: Read this Before You Buy a Garage Online

Why Buy a Pre-Design Garage Kit?

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Predesigned Garage Shed kits are popular and easily found on websites much like ours. We have a range of great pre-design garages that come with many different options to customize them.

However, there are limitations to the options. What you see is the building you are going to get but you can alter them in ways such as heights, colours, and accessories (doors windows, etc).

Why these garage kits are popular is because of the price, easy DIY, and quality.

Cheaper & Faster

Pre-design garages have already been engineered, safety checked, and already in the manufacturing system to be manufactured.

This means they require less labour in terms of design and getting the paperwork checked for safety- this has all been done. It also means you will get your garage kit faster because it’s ready to be put through the factory.

Easy DIY

The Garage Kits are designed to be assembled by a customer and some help, or by local contractors. It does require some building skills and a commitment to the project.

However, you don’t HAVE to DIY the garage yourself. A garage is a big building so you can hire a contractor to get the job done and then it may still be cheaper than going through a building company.

Why is it cheaper to do DIY kits?

Because these garages have been designed to be easy to put together, using well-engineered systems. 


As far as quality and standards, the predesigned garage kits are made from the same quality steel as other steel garages and are Australian Made.

So you are still getting a quality garage if it’s pre-designed or custom made and built.

If you are considering a garage kit, you can find out how to choose the right one for your home here>>

How to Choose a Garage

Here is a video of one of our past customers who purchased a Pre-Design garage kit.

Why Have a Garage Custom Designed?different types of garages - drawing

If your budget is a bit more flexible and so is your time, you can now also buy a custom made garage online. What this means, is you can work with a Storage Building Company with custom shed experience to design a shed to suit your needs.

Basically, there is one key reason you may want to have a garage custom design and manufacturing. It’s pretty obvious:

Ultimate Personalisation.


You can have your perfect garage designed these days to suit your every need including your property.  If you have the budget for this option, the options are endless.

Cost & Value

As with any customized product, the costs will be more than a pre-designed shed. This is because,

  1. Generally (if done properly) a qualified Engineer will work on your design to make sure it meets safety building standards as well as meet your specifications.
  2. All the parts and panels are cut and made to fit the specific design which means machines are set to do the one job which takes time
  3. With your personal needs, you may be adding more dimensions or accessories to your end product which adds to the overall cost

This option does cost more and takes longer but adding a custom shed designed for your property as well as your needs will give you more value than the dollars spent.

Done for you

Once the Custom Garage is delivered, some companies will provide the building service. If they don’t have the service, they will have contacts for builders.

There are a few well-accredited companies online which have experience in custom building garages.

We recommend TotalSpan for a competitive quote as they have franchises all over the country.

BUT if the budget is not limitless, we have a huge range of pre-designed garages displayed in our online store.


Garages - link to store

If you want to learn more about custom sheds please visit:

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