Selling Your Home? A New Fence Could Up Your Asking Price

Selling Your Home? A New Fence Could Up Your Asking Price


Did you know, a new Fence can help sell your home? It’s true, some people don’t believe a new fence can add to the appeal of the home. And when the market is as challenging as it is today, and selling a house is stressful, you should not overlook any details.

Seriously, let’s face it—selling your home can be a very stressful time period.  In fact, a group at Estates Direct looked into the ten most stressful adventures throughout the duration of your life. Guess where buying or selling a property clocked in? That’s right- spot number one.

So if there was a way to speed up the process and ensure a sale, you’d jump on board right? There are many things you can do, but assure you that a new Fence can help sell your home or even up your asking price!

Look, I consider myself a veteran of most real estate adventures. I’ve been down just about every road and encountered just about every character. And one of my favourite takeaways is to always embrace the positive. One of the biggest positives that I can think of is the continuous pursuit of increased value. If you’re going to sell your home, you should most definitely embrace the goal of maximising its worth… like adding a new fence!

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There are many reasons why a brand-new fence, or a properly refurbished fence, can successfully up the value of your property, but today we’re going to focus on the top three.

First Impressions

First of all, it’s the first thing that prospective buyers see when they visit the property. It contributes to the aesthetics, the curb appeal of the property. A fence can be the catalyst for the first impression, and as we all know—the first impression is frequently the most lasting. You don’t want prospective buyers to view peeling paint, moulding metal, or rotting wood. You want them to see a clean, durable and classy façade.

If a new fence is way out of the budget and the current one is intact but not aesthetically pleasing, you can even opt to use attractive sheets of bamboo to give the fence a facelift.

new fence - bamboo fence

new fence - bamboo fence


Aside from aesthetics, there is nothing worse than having your neighbours peering through a broken or collapsing fence (and vice versa). Often homeowners can experience their old fences cracking or starting to collapse, and since it’s always ‘a grey’ area of who needs to fix it, nothing gets done.

When it comes to selling your home, it’s time to address the broken fence. Every homeowner want’s privacy especially around their backyards and home. So a broken fence will certainly turn potential buys away.

New Fence - fix broken fences

Added Safety

The third major win when adding a new fence to your home is the safety of course. A beautiful fence will add value to a property because it will take something off of the to-do list for the prospective buyers. This is especially true if you work with companies like Taylor Fencing because the style of fencing will last so much longer than that of other companies.

As a seller, you should feel totally comfortable incorporating the cost of your fence, into asking price. Don’t feel bad about this! You’re doing the buyers a favour. You’re ensuring that their children are safe, you’re ensuring that their pets are safe, you’re ensuring that passersby are only seeing what the homeowners want them to see.

New Fence - Pet's safety

Sounds easy enough, right? But there are still a few caveats that we’d like to share. Make sure that you’re making calculated decisions when designing or purchasing your fencing solution.

Make sure that you’re making calculated decisions when designing or purchasing your fencing solution.

You still want your fence to match the look and feel of your home (This means no chain link fencing options outside of Victorian castles!).

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